Dinner at Fely J’s with Friends

Howdy, how’s your friday night?! Hope you have a good one! Anyhoo, I had an amazing friday night together with hubby and friends. My friend Gerry and Rachelle celebrated their birthday last night, actually it was a post birthday celebration. So, our dinner was their treat to us not too mention they treat our movie ticket as well. Wuhooo! #SarapTalagaNgLibre

So, we dine at Fely J’s Greenbelt 5. It was their first time to dine there but I’ve been here a couple of times. Actually, I suggested this place to them because they want to eat Filipino cuisine (for a change daw), because most of the time we used to eat American or Italian cuisine every time we go out. Our initial plan was to dine at Mesa but they we’re fully booked already, so we went to our second choice which is Fely J’s. I also like Mesa because they also offers authentic Filipino cuisine with different twist not to mention the cheap price. One of my favorites at Mesa is their Pinatayong Manok and Sinigang in pineapple, they always add some twist to their dishes.


On the other hand, Fely J’s offers authentic Filipino cuisine, with a selection of other dishes inspired by some of our neighboring Asian countries that is serve with different style. The ambiance of the resto was so 1960’s, it feels like I’m in different timezone every time we dine there. Fely J’s is located at 2/F floor Greenbelt 5.


Here’s together with my friends, hubby was late, so he is not included on the picture.


And here’s my Kikay Barkada, my boss used to call us “IT girl”, you know Anne Curtis group but of course walang tatalo sa beauty nila noh?! Haha! Lamang pa rin sila ng 100 na ligo samin. Haha!


Here’s what we ordered in the menu. Warning: These photos are mouth watering. 🙂

Fiesta galore?!

Sinong makakapag sabing gutom kami?! Wahahahahaha!

Pina rice (Php255)

This is one of their best dishes here. Talaga namang binabalik-balikan. Of course Filipino dishes will not be complete without rice.

Ojinguh Bokkeum (Php380)

This dish is soo Korean! You can see it just by reading the name of the dish. The taste is similar to kimchi and a bit spicy. Oh, I think it really has kimchi.

Sisig Fried Rice (Php255)

Sisig fried rice is my ulitmate favorite hereee! It’s to die for!!!! It’s good to eat this without any viand.

Liempo (205)

I’m not really happy with this dish because the pork is so-so. It wasn’t tender though. My in-laws liempo is much, much better than their liempo. Hehe

Curry Bihon Noodles (Php375)

This noodles is a bit spicy so if you’re not into spicy foods this is not for you. The curry makes this Asian cuisine more authentic and special.

Crispy Pata

Crispy pata is a classic filipino dish and is to die for! What makes this dish special is it’s spices that add up twist to the taste of the crispy pata.

And for the drinks we all had fruit shakes!

Ripe Mango (my favorite!), Watermelon, and Green Mango shake

And of course, a birthday celebration will not be complete without any surprises!

So, here’s a birthday cake for Fafa Gerry and Lola Rachelle, c/o my Kumareng Katey who is in Malaysia right now. O diba, distance is never become a hindrance to our friendship.

Mango Bravo from Contis.

O-M-G! Don’t you just love mango bravo?! 🙂

Surprise! This is Rachelle and Gerry, the birthday celebrants. 🙂

And of course, we gave them gift as well. I hope they like it! 🙂

After our sumptuous dinner, we watched the movie Step Up Revolution. Oh-My-Gulay! It’s a must see movie! My jaw was literally dropped while watching the entire movie. It’s really different from the previous Step Up movies, every scene is makalaglag panga talaga! It was awesome, yes indeed! They focus more on dancing now less drama and action(alright, I don’t want to be a spoiler). Watching this movie makes me wanna dance again! Oh I love dancing so much, that’s why when I watched this movie it really wowed me. Actually me and hubby loves dancing so much. We used to go at the gym before and we dance together. I am a retired cheer dancer, and I love joining dance production numbers back when I was in highschool. Alright, back to the movie… Guys, you must see it yourself! It’s worth every penny! I bet after you watch this movie you’ll definitely find yourself doing the MOB style! Alright, that’s enough! I know I’m such a spoiler! 🙂

P.S. I can’t stop myself from doing “Wave” and “Motion”. Another spoiler thingy here! 🙂


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