KMS Cooks: Turkey Franks Pasta Made with Real and Fresh Tomatoes

Hello! Hello! Yesterday I cooked pasta (as usual) but this time I used real and fresh tomatoes!!! Oh my gulay?! Did I say real and fresh?! Oh yes, I said it. #TanongKoSagotKo


And did you know why I used fresh tomatoes? First, I really wanted to try fresh because kahit bali-baliktarin natin ang mundo mas healthy pa din ang fresh and real veggies. Agree mga mudrabels?! And second, that’s the only ingredients available in our pantry. Ay sows! Ayun naman pala eh! Hahaha!

I just did some experiment again because yesterday I was craving for pasta, but then I can’t go the grocery because it was raining cats and dogs. So I just used all the available ingredients in our pantry. And viola! I cooked a pasta made with real and fresh tomatoes! Oh-my gulay! It was my first time to try fresh tomatoes in the Philippine history!!! Hahaha!

Alrighty, so let’s do this!

Here’s watchunid fellas!


• Purefoods Turkey Franks (or any Franks of your choice, this time I used Turkey Franks)
• Olive Oil
• Onion (it’s better to use white onion, but since that’s the only available onion in our pantry that’s what I used)
• FRESH tomatoes! ( I loove it!)
• Basil Leaves
• Cheese (not included on the photo)
• Organic Spiral Pasta (or any pasta of your choice, in my case that’s the only pasta available in our pantry)

Bonus tips: In my case I only used four tomatoes, so I cooked 1/4 of the pasta only. If you will gonna cook 1 kilo pasta, you should use more tomatoes of course.

Here’s the EZ-PZ Steps:

• Fry the Turkey Franks and set aside. (Or you can cook it as it ease, I fry mine because I want it more crispy)
• Saute garlic and tomatoes. Add in some water and flour to make the sauce more creamier.
• Add cheese, Turkey Franks and basil leaves. Mix well. The basil leaves will give your pasta the aroma while the cheese will make the sauce more creamier and yummier! 🙂
• Add pepper and salt to taste.


• Cook your pasta until al dente.

• And lastly, add in the pasta sauce then toss in the cooked pasta. That’s it pansit!
• Serve with smiileee on your peyt (face)!

And viola! You’re good to go!

I’m gonna try to cook pesto or white sauce next time, for a change. So wish me luck! Goodluck! 🙂

For the mean time try to indulge in the red tomato sauce. Oh, in fairness wala pa ring tatalo sa fresh tomatoes! The taste is much, much better compare to the ready-made tomato sauce. And it’s much healthier! So, what are you waiting for?! Lutooo na! Happy cooking! 🙂

P. S. Cooking should be fun!

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