Cj Cooks: Hon’s Easy Buffalo Wings



Yesterday, while we are on the grocery..

Cj: Hon, parang sarap mag buffalo wings oh! (while pointing to McCormick Buffalo mix)

Me: Oo nga noh! Tara luto tayo! Naglilihi ka Hon?! 🙂

Cj: Ay wag na.. Next time nalang.

Me: Wenk! Toink! Hmmp! Luto na tayoo! 😦

Cj: Sige na nga! :p

Me: Lech! Nagpa-excite pa! 🙂

And so, this morning we decided to cook our very own home-made buffalo wings. Actually, hubby cooked it all by himself! Tarush! Lume-level up na ang asawa ko! Haha! He woke up early just to prepare this buffalo wings. And it was my baon (packed lunch) today! How sweeet and…. yummmyyyyy (nung buffalo wings) !!! 🙂

We decided to bought the classic Barbeque Buffalo mix since it was our first time to try it, but they also have the spicy one. I didn’t expect THAT buffalo wings is so easy to cook! McCormick is known for great herbs, spices and mixes, and the Buffalo Wings Seasoning Mix might be just as good.

Alright, so here’s watchunid:

McCormick Barbeque Buffalo Wings Seasoning Mix. It includes two different packs, the coat mix and the sauce. This is good for 1/2 kilo chicken.

Chicken Wings

Here’s the EZ-PZ steps:

1. Open the first pack and cover the chicken with coating mix.

2. Heat the pan and deep fry the chicken. Cook until it turns to golden brown.

3. When done frying, place the chicken into a napkin towel to remove the excess oil.

4. Place chicken into a bowl or container, and open pack (2) and pour directly.

Container po yan, di lang halata. 🙂
5. Seal lid the container, shake until sauce evenly coats the chicken wings.

And tadaaah! You’re good to go! Super easy, right?! 🙂

Friends, the buffalo wings was… heaaveeeen! As in! Para kang kumain sa TGIFridays! Promise! The sauce isn’t dry and the chicken was still crispy even after we mixed the sauce. The barbeque sauce makes it more tasty in every bite. The tangy, salty, and sweet taste of the sauce is a perfect combination. We will definitely try the spicy one next time! In fairness Hon, you cook like a chef! Next time ikaw nalang uli ang magluto ah! Good boy yan! Hihihi 🙂

On the second thought I realized that McCormick Buffalo Seasoning Mix is the perfect choice.

So, if you haven’t try McCormick Buffalo Wings seasoning mix, guys you better try it NOW! 🙂

Happy cooking! 🙂


4 thoughts on “Cj Cooks: Hon’s Easy Buffalo Wings

  1. wow mc cormick!! at mukhang masarap ah, penge!! hehehe bestfriend ko din yang mc cormick lalo na sa pesto! 🙂 try it mallows gawa ka ng pesto chicken, you’ll surely love it! 😀 with lots of bawang..lutuan kita pagdating ko jan.. =)

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