Star Wars ABC

The Alphabet song was a big hit to my little shaolin, Cyler. He sang the Alphabet song on his own though he garbled the lyrics and sang with a passable rhythm but it made me so proud. He also has lots of Alphabet books but his favorite is the Star Wars ABC alphabet book. I find the book really astig because the graphics is really good that makes it more catchy to the eyes of my little bookworm plus the Star Wars characters itself. His Ninong Biboy gave this book to him on his first birthday.


This is Cyler’s favorite book now, he usually grab this book when he wakes up in the morning and even before bed time.

It’s the first thing that he grabs in the morning.

Cyler’s astig look! He just woke up at this photo. (Sabi nga nila biruin na ang lasing, wag lang ang bagong gising. Ayan tuloy, lagoot!)

Here’s some of the pages of the book:





I bet all Star Wars fan will go loco when they see this book! 🙂

On the other hand, Cyler’s favorite letter now is “Bey”(that’s how he pronounce it) or B. When I say “A”, he immediately say “Bey”. But when I say “C”, he used to say “Bey” again. Toink!

Here’s the other words that he can say aside from “bey”:
• Cha-ngle (triangle)
• Chic-kle (circle)
• Cheeee (three)
• Chooo (two)
• Chick (six)
• Beybey (baby)
• Mama
• Dada
• A-mah (sama or come)

Most of the time he’s talking in mandarin(it sounds like that) because we can’t understand him. Oh well, Cyler is now in his bulol phase and I’m loving it! I enjoy decoding what he’s saying and I find it really cuuuteee!

More alphabet and hopefully words to come! Keep it up, Cyler! 🙂

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