In Times of Calamity

What’s happening right now is beyond our control. What I think of yesterday’s situation is that it was a reminder to everyone that we should worship the Lord no matter what the situation may be. I know it getting scarier now, especially when you have your kids with you. What happened yesterday is no longer surprising, there’s no such thing as flood free in this country, but we should always prepare ourselves in every circumstances. Yesterday, we don’t have electricity, the floods are everywhere, we’re still lucky because the flood didn’t get inside our house though our neighbors we’re suffering from flood, and we have an innocent baby who is not aware on whats happening to his surroundings. Good thing, yesterday morning my boss texted us and he said that we should not attempt to go to work if it’s too dangerous and then after a few minutes our company suspended our work too.  This made me realize that these things are beyond our control, and God has his own purpose why he let this things happened.Our experience yesterday made us all talk and pray to God for guidance and help. And I do believe that He has purpose and better plan for all of us.

Here’s the things I learned from the past two days:

  • Prepare at least three day supplies of perishable goods, like canned goods, snacks, biscuits, and instant noodles. Good thing I went to the grocery last Sunday, so we have enough food then, the downside is we need to cook all the frozen foods in the freezer since there’s no electricity.
  • Get ready for blackout and prepare flashlights, emergency lights, candles and matches just in case the batteries run out.
  • Prepare battery operated fans especially if you have a baby. The downside — we forgot to prepare this. We only used fan and Cyler couldn’t slept last night because he sweats a lot but he didn’t cry. The upside- Cyler was able to kept his cool and was able to play even though it was dark and hot.
  • First aid kits and medicines
  • Purified waters
  • Blanket, umbrella, and raincoats.
  • Make sure you’re phone battery is full charge, so in case of emergency you can ask for help.
  • And most importantly, I learned that God puts us in such situations NOT because he wants to punish us for being disobedient and all, but because he knows we can do it and we can overcome whatever we may face along the way WITH HIM.

So, these are the things that I wanted to share with you. I know after this calamity everything will go back to normal though it IS hard. Remember, there is always a rainbow after the rain. If you are reading this post you are lucky because you are safe. So let’s thank God despite of everything. Trust the Lord not only during tough times but in every single of our life. Keep safe everyone and don’t forget to pray, that’s the best thing we can do.


4 thoughts on “In Times of Calamity

  1. hello sha! im glad your family’s safe… ang crazy lang talaga ng nangyayari jan… us down here watching from afar is just beyond speechless… feels kinda weird how we go about our usual work since yesterday with the sun screaming heat outside while you guys up there’s soaking already… iv been monitoring too since my sis and bro’s family are there too… and a lot of friends… so sad to see familiar places covered with water…. 😦 stay safe! i hope the rain stopped already by now….

    • Thanks for the concern sis, yes it’s true it’s really weird and its getting scarier than ondoy cause until now it’s still raining. But I do believe that God is good all the time, so yun nalang pinang hahawakan namin. We’re still lucky though. And hopefully tumigil na talaga yung rain. Pray lang talaga ang katapat ng lahat ng ‘to.

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