I So Love Melona Ice Cream Bar!

Have you tried or heard Melona ice cream bar?! Oh boy, Melona is indeed addictive and oh-so yummy! It is one of my favorite ice cream aside from gelato. I am a big fan of melona ice cream, as a matter of fact I can eat three (or more) melona in one day! That’s how addicted I am!

20120816-184329.jpg                          Melona everyday, everyday OK! Haha!

My melona addiction started when my friend, Yen introduced this korean popsicle to me when I was still preggy with Cyler. I must say, it was love at first bite! I guess that’s the reason why I gained weight so fast when I was pregnant. So sisihin ang gelato at melona kung bakit ako na-CS. Hahaha! Oh my, I love to eat it when I was preggy (and until now), it’s so hard to resist because I was craving and I need to satisfy my taste buds. My gulay! That’s the biggest temptation to all pregnant woman! I so love the unique honeydue flavor and very creamy smooth texture of it. It is not icy like the other popsicle in the market.

Melona ice cream bar is a South Korea melon-creamsicle, manufactured by Binggrae Co. Ltd.. Although the product called “Melona” and is identified with its melon flavor, it also comes with other fruit flavors like banana, mango, and strawberries (source: Wikipedia)

So far I haven’t seen or even tasted any mango and banana flavor here in the Philippines. Not sure if it’s available in some Korean stores. I’ve seen Strawberry flavor but I haven’t taste it too, I only want the melon flavor. But if there’s mango flavor, I will surely try it. Because I love mangoes too!

Me and my office mate Rachelle, while indulging our melona’s! Yum! Yum! 🙂

If you haven’t try this Korean ice cream, you should try it now! But I warning you.. it is indeed addictive! Melona ice cream bar is available at S&R, SM Supermarket, Korean local stores and even some Korean Resto (like Kaya, Mann Hann, Bulgogi Brothers). It costs Php30-35 petot, the price may vary depends on the store and place.

So, what are you waiting for?! Go buy and taste it! 🙂


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