The Love of my Life

Hi friends?! How’s your week?! I bet you are all waiting and excited for the long weekend! I am really excited about it too! We’re going to my hometown this coming weekend because it’s my Lola’s birthday. Gosh! Can’t wait to see my family and friends there, it’s been six months since I last saw them. I miss them A LOT and I miss the cold breeze and fresh air in Antipolo! 🙂

Anyhoo, I’m pretty sure you already know who is the love of my life, yes you are right! It’s my son, Cyler! Kailangan pa bang i-memorize yan?! Hehe It’s true that when you’re having fun you didn’t notice how time flies. I can’t imagine that my little baby is now a toddler. I don’t wanna think about the future, I just want to enjoy my time with him and make the most out of it. Having a toddler is no joke at all because it test my patience and limits. I’m not complaining though, I feel so blessed because God gave us the most precious gift that anyone could ever had, which of course my son, Cyler. Being a parent is one of the toughest job on earth but it’s one of the greatest job too!

My son, Cyler is the fruit of our love and he is definitely the “love of my life”. Our life became more meaningful since the day he was born. Motherhood taught me to be selfless and to love unconditionally. No words can tell how much I love you, sweetie!

Photo collage c/o my CIL Ate Mimi Photo collage c/o my CIL Ate Mimi

I love him so much though..

Most of the time he occupy the whole bed and..

20120816-101239.jpg..sometimes he kick his Daddy’s face. Aw! Poor daddy, it’s funny though! This moment are precious and priceless to me. Maybe it’s a sign that he’s going to become a football player someday! Who knows, right?! #AssumingLang

20120816-101826.jpgMotherhood is the sweetest thing on earth!

20120816-102210.jpgNow how in the world can you resist that?! His smile is the sweetest smile for me, of course!

20120816-102538.jpg He is the king of my world! My precious! :p

20120816-102734.jpg You will always be my cutie patootie!

You are the source of my strength. My life revolves around you, sweetie! (Cyler was two months old here)

When I’m sad, I just look at you and I feel good again.

Oh boy, they are God’s precious gift to me and I could not ask for more. These two boys are the best people in the whole wide universe!

Lord, thank you for giving me such a wonderful and happy family. And thanks for bringing joy into my life. I feel so blessed to have them. Thank you, thank you, oh Lord. I owe my whole life to you. 🙂


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