The Goodness of Olive

When I was pregnant I used to have uneven skin tone, my feet and knuckles became dry and dark due to edema. So, after giving birth I become more conscious with my skin. I searched and looked for a good skin care product that will moisturize my dry skin. My office mate Anna has a really good skin complexion so I asked her what’s her secret and she recommended The Body Shop Olive skin care products to me. I also asked my very reliable friend Mr. Google and I was stunned and stumbled on the rave reviews about Olive. I found out that Olive oil is extremely useful for skin treatments. It also helps to lighten the color of our skin, perfect for my uneven skin tone! Olive oil is also considered to be especially useful in the treatment of enlarged skin pores. So, when I found out the goodness of olive to my skin I didn’t think twice and I immediately purchased TBS olive skin care products. I purchased Olive body butter, shower gel, dry oil mist, soap, and body scrub. O diba adik lang?!

TBS Olive oil and body butter are very emollient and just moisturize beautifully. And it’s true it simply eradicated my dark, scaly knuckles and feet. I use it every night before bed time, and it instantly gives me soft, supple, moisturized skin. I’ve been using these products for five months now and it’s very effective to me, not to mention that I have the most allergy prone skin in the world. It’s great for normal and sensitive skin as well.

The reach and creamy butter is a feast for skin, it melts straight and instantly gives me soft and smooth skin. I also love the aroma of it, I feel very relaxed every time I use this. I have the driest most allergy prone skin in the world and this product made my skin smooth, soft and didn’t break me out AT ALL. TBS Olive body scrub is also good, I use this twice a week, the scrub is gentle enough and it didn’t irritate my sensitive skin. Best to use this in elbows, knees, and feet. And it exfoliates really well.

The Body Shop Olive body products best caters to my needs and gives me the most amazing, softest hands (and body) I could want. TBS olive skin care products contains organic olive oil and has a subtle fruity scent. I bought this dry oil mist when TBS we’re on sale a few months ago, it was buy 1 take 1! I sooo love sale! So far, I still have three more bottles left. And also, olive oil is an effective treatment for reducing the appearance of stretch marks. Perfect for all mommies who has stretch marks, like me! 🙂

I know the price of these products are not cheap, but believe me it’s definitely worth every penny! It really works for me and I highly recommend these product to y’all. But remember when buying skin care products you should (always) try it first, if it works for you then stick to it! Me, when it comes to my skin I definitely trusting no one but The Body Shop Olive skin care products. 🙂
P.S. HAPPY LONG VACAY! We’re off to Antipolo now! Excited much! 🙂

2 thoughts on “The Goodness of Olive

    • Di ko din alam na pangpaliit din yan ng porse. I asked the sales lady kung pwde sa face ang olive oil dry mist sabi nya hindi, kailangan ung pang face tlga ung gamitin. Kasi ung olive oil for the body lang yan. Ayun.

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