Cyler on Manila Bulletin Kids Birthday Corner

Even before Cyler was born I already have this stage momma in me. I love posting stuffs about my pregnancy, I even post my preggy photos in Facebook and twitter. Darn, I just can’t help it because this first time momma is too excited for her little one’s arrival. So, when the little shaolin was born, ay naku natadtad na ng photos niya yung buong wall ko sa FB! From time to time I would post his photos here and there because I wanted to share my happiness to everybody. So when my CIL Ate Joy told me that she wanted Cyler to join on Manila Bulletin’s Kids Birthday Corner, I didn’t think twice and I said “Go ahead!”. Walang keme-keme! Go na agad! Oh well, my stage momma spirit began.

Here’s Manila Bulletin’s May Birthday Celebrants:

Can you spot my baby here?! 🙂

She sent an entry on Manila Bulletin and Cyler was featured on their “May Birthday celebrants”. He was featured last June though he didn’t win, but I’m still so proud of my little one. Can you feel a proud stage momma talking here? 🙂 Seeing your child on a magazine or news paper will make you a proud parent and indeed heartwarming. Actually, I just got the newspaper today from Ate Joy, we forgot to buy the newspaper before. Antagal kong hinintay na makita ‘to and finally it’s here! This is Cyler’s first ever exposure and I’m soo proud of my baby! 🙂

I proudly present my son to y’all! (Drum-roll please!)

Oh, there’s my cutie patootie, loaded with cuteness! 🙂

Oh, I remember I also sent an entry for Smart Parenting Kiddie Greets, however I didn’t know that there is a voting system on their Fan Page, it was too late when I found out that there is a voting system, so Cyler wasn’t featured on the magazine. I am so devastated to my katangahan. Cyler’s photo was on their Fan Page but due to my ka-engotan he didn’t get any vote. Oh, he got 4 votes though. Thanks for the votes! Hehe Anyhoo, there’s still next time and more time. 🙂

Special thanks to Ate Joy for sending an entry to Manila Bulletin. If you want to feature your kids on Manila Bulletin’s Birthday Corner kindly check the mechanics on their Fan Page. Btw, my nephew Lucas won on Manila Bulletin’s February celebrants. I guess stage mommas is flowing in our blood line, right?! Hehe Oh, I soo love being a stage momma! Tahee!

2 thoughts on “Cyler on Manila Bulletin Kids Birthday Corner

  1. hahaha antgal na pla nito mallows..nice!! ang cuteni cylerrrrrr!!!!!!! hehehe si pooch malapit na bday sabihin ko kaya k babaita sundin ung mechanics pra ma feature din sya hahahaha..

    shocks naalala ko, dati naman nung hiskul binati naman nila ako ng bday fineature ung bday ko sa tv hahaha ang kulit :)))

    tpos may isa pa kong naalala ung friend ko nung hiskul binati ko ng happy bday thru AM radio station, imagine mo may nakakinig sakin non!! kinabukasan sinabi nung classm8 ko don sa friend ko na binati ko sya ng happy bday sa AM station LOL hahahaha eh mga mag 1am na non at to think na AM radio pa un wahahahahahaha!!!! dahil sa post mo na to andami ko na reminisce ahh :))

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