Big Bugs Band

Just wanna share Cyler’s new possession right now. Cyler loves watching BabyTV A LOT, as a matter of fact his first birthday theme was a programme from BabyTV also. I guess you already know the theme as I mentioned it from my previous birthday posts, yes you we’re right it was Charlie and the Numbers.

Big Bugs Band (Photo from BabyTV site)

Big Bugs Band is Cyler’s fave cartoon in BabyTV as of now, it ‘s really a big hit to my little shaolin tot. I have to admit I like it as well. Maybe because I love music a lot. Big Bugs Band is a spectacular 3D animated programme in which a group of bugs performs a variety of unique musical pieces to an audience of fellow animals in the woods. Each bug plays a different instrument – improvising, dancing and singing as the band introduces viewers to a wide variety of musical styles from different cultures around the world. I like how the different bugs plays different instrument and how they sing, it’s really cute!

Try watching some episodes here:

I think this one is a great theme for his second birthday? Watchuthink guys?! Excited much?! 😛

This is a great program for babies and toddlers and it’s very educational. I bet your little one will surely love this once they watch it. Cyler used to dance everytime he watch this and his face never fails to lighten up every time he watch this. 🙂


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