Home Sweet Home at My Hometown!

Hooray for the looong vacay! Last week we spent our long vacay in Antipolo (my hometown). Boy oh boy, we had a wonderful stay there, sad to say hubby didn’t enjoy his vacation that much because he has work to do. BOOO! He was working on Sunday and Monday, now how terrible is that, right? Anyhoo, it was Cyler’s 3rd time here, still everything seems new to him. Everyone was so happy to see him again after six months. You know what he did in our whole stay there? He walked and played A LOT, as in A LOT! Our house is a bit spacious so he had a wide space for running. So my little one runs here and there, he’s so handful! We can’t let him run alone because he’s still in a stage of balancing. So everyone’s patience and energy was tested by Cyler. Tahee! 🙂

We also celebrated Mommy’s (Cyler’s great grandma) 85th birthday, that’s the main purpose of our vacation. We want to be part of Mommy’s special day. Could you imagine she’s 85 years old now, I wish I can live that long. Thank God for giving her a wonderful life and hopefully more years to live.

Day 1: Play all day long!

First thing that he noticed was the grass. Told yah he likes nature so much!

This is my cousin Rex, he is completely incapable of hearing, yes he is deaf. But despite of that he is so smart and very kind. He is one of my closest cousin.

Cyler rarely laugh or even smile to strangers, surprisingly Rex was able to make him laugh without exerting extra effort. Hehe

One thing I love about our vacation — I had a quality time with my son! 🙂

This is what I really miss here– plants, fresh and cold air!

Cyler was busy watching TV while his cousin Civ striking a pose!

Our little bookworm was also mesmerize with the bookshelf in our house, however I forgot to take photos of him. We have lots of books in our house because my late grandfather loves reading so much.

Day 2: Mommy’s 85th Birthday Bash!

Happy 85th Birthday to the world’s Greatest Grandma!

The foods are from Kubyertos Catering. It was all delish! 🙂

Make a wish and blow your candle!

She can’t really walk now and all she wanted is to see all of us beside her. This made me cry. Hay.

They are nine siblings, three of them are working abroad. (From left-right: Tita Bing, Tita Nanin (I always mention her in most of my posts, she’s my second Mom and I grew up with her), Mama, Tito Boyet, Tito Aaron, Tita Mane (not included in the photo)).

From left to right: My sisters Sacha and Isang, Mama, Tita Lolit, and Cyler who is so busy watching TV. 🙂

Here’s my twin nephew, Roa and Askja! They are sooo adorable!

We also went to Antipolo Cathedral. They built a mall in front of the Cathedral, which I don’t really like. The attention of the people are diverted to the mall which is not good. I believe, the Church should be the center of all and this place should be holy. Anyway, wala nakong magagawa andyan na yan. This is just my point of view.

Cyler together with his Tita Anie (my eldest sister).

He walked here and there!

Here’s my super kaduper cute niece Civ, while striking a pose! Watta pose! 🙂

Cyler while munching some fries. Yum, yum, yum!

The balloon vendor was blowing some bubbles while I’m taking this shot. Para daw may effect. Hahaha! Nice idea Manong!

I am the official photographer that day that’s why I am not included on the photos, as you can see. But wait, I have my solo picture! Hahaha! Kala ninyo ah! 😛

Here I am and my kikay outfit of the day: Green dress from Cosmopolitan, The Ramp and Gold Spartan shoes from LYN. 🙂

Before bed time, Cyler played with his Tita and Lola! 🙂

Cyler while playing with his Lola Mane! Nothing beats that happiness!

Day 3: Walking and Baking!

Morning walk with Tita and Tito! 🙂

Walking with axe? San ang laban Cyler?! 😛

And again, he was mesmerized with the plants!

Look how happy is my toddler. Now how in the world is that?! 🙂

Before we go home, we baked some carrot cake (as mentioned from my previous post)! Together with my sister Isang and nephew Panong. 🙂

Here’s Civ while munching one of our ingredients. Hmmp! Kundi ka lang cute! 😛

Manang mana sa pinag-manahan! 🙂

And finally, it’s time to go home.. 😦

Oh well, like what I said in my previous post our stay there was not enough, super bitin! Cyler enjoyed his vacation there so much, I bet if he can talk he will tell me that he doesn’t want to go home yet. Hay. Anyway, there’s still more time, sweetie. It feels so great because I spent quality time with my family, unfortunately I wasn’t able to meet my friends because I wanted to give my whole time to my family. But I will definitely meet them on our next vacation there. Truly, a four day long weekend is a luxury to all working parents like us.

Also, I wish that God will give Mommy more time to live, if only I can stay beside her all the time and take good care of her, I will. But I also have my own family who needs me and I have my work here in Manila. Oh life. I know God is always with her, and I leave everything unto Him.

Life is indeed wonderful when you spend it with your beloved family. 🙂

Kubyertos Catering Info:

Check out their site: Kubyertos Catering

Phone Numbers:
Email Address:
info @ kubyertos.net

Catering by Kubyertos
420 Dama de Noche St.
Nieves Hills Subdivision
Angono, Rizal 1930


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