The Good Housekeeper

One night, Cyler grabbed the feather duster in our room and then he looked at me (with “Mommy, can I play this” look). He was waiting if I’m going to say “No!”, but I didn’t react because I was waiting for his next step too. I was expecting him to play the feather duster and put it on his mouth, BUT I was surprised because he swept the floor instead! And so, I immediately grabbed the camera and took photos of him while he was sweeping the floor. Oh, I guess he always see me sweeping the floor that’s why he does it also. Toddler usually imitates what they see. His memory and dexterity are getting better and better nowadays. Good job Cyler! 🙂

Look how he carefully swept the floor. 🙂

Cyler on household chores. 🙂

He also cleaned our fan!

Hey Cyler you’re not yet done cleaning, you still have so many toys on the floor! 😛

Your majesty, what am I gonna do next? 😛

I bet he sees the feather duster as a toy, and he doesn’t know that he’s already doing a household chores. This simple housework turns into a fun time. 🙂

You’re the cutest and most adorable housekeeper in the world!

Mommy, I’m tired already. Can I seat while cleaning the puzzle mats?

I think he does it for about thirty minutes, I was just watching him and I can’t help but smile. This simple housework helps him to improve his dexterity and muscle control, it also taught him how to be diligent. And it only shows that your kids always follow or imitate what you are doing, so from now on I’ll be a good example to my son (of course), especially on doing the household chores. So help me God. Haha! I didn’t know that by sweeping the floor I already teaching Cyler how to do it and how to be diligent. Wow, good job Anak! 🙂

A picture of a happy and diligent toddler! 🙂

Alright, so next time Daddy will teach you another housework… which is washing the clothes! 🙂

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