The Drama Prince

Last weekend, when Cyler woke up I saw him emoting in the bed. He was not moving, he had this supah sad face look and I really don’t know why. I kept on kissing his cheeks and tickling his kili-kili (axilla) kaso deadma lang ang bagets. After few minutes he started jumping in the bed and started laughing. Weird.

So, I came across this idea that he was just emoting, in fairness to him he really knows how act. May future kang bata ka!

Here’s some of his dramatic pose:

Oha! Dinaig pa pose ko!

To the highest level ang drama ng bagets namin! PAK! Spell sad face.. C-Y-L-E-R! Am I right or right?!

I think we’re going to have a drama prince here! Watchuthink guys?!

P.S. I’ve been hibernating these past few days because I was so busy being a mom, wifey, and career woman. But dont you worry b’coz I have so many chikas and happenings to share, so watchout for that!

Gotta go, sago! 🙂


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