Fun-filled Playdate with Mommy Maggie and Lucas

Actually, we’ve been planning for this playdate for so long, finally this playdate became a reality. It was always postponed due to our hectic scheds. Thanks for the long weekend because we we’re able to set this playdate. Last Monday (finally!) we we’re able to go on Ate Maggie’s place. BTW, Ate Maggie (or Ate Jing as I fondly call her) is the mom blogger behind Mommy Maggie’s Musings blog. She is my cousin in law and I admit she’s one of my mentor in blogging, and I really admire her as a Mom. I must say she’s really good inside and out. Motherhood are both new to us, but I love the fact that we’re getting some tips and help from one another.

Moving forward, Lucas and Cyler finally had a playdate! Yay! The cousins we’re able to bond and play for the very first time! Yay! Lucas and Cyler are both the same age. These toddler’s definitely enjoyed this day A LOT, I didn’t expect (or even imagine) that having a two toddlers in one roof is like a riot. My gulay! They we’re running all over the house and we we’re like habol dito, habol don’ but it’s really funny though! It’s nice to see them playing together, swimming together, sleeping together, and watching tv together for the very first time!

Looks like we’re going to have a basketball team!

Hello, I’m Lucas! (The Future MVP)

They we’re shooting the ball alternately.

Kanya-kanyang trip, walang basagan! 😛

First activity – SWIMMING! They both love the water so much!

Here’s Cyler and I together with Mommy Maggie and Lucas!

Our toddlers while enjoying the splash of the water!

There’s no wasted time for us, kaya naman chika lang ng chika! 😛

Don’t you just love their community?! I so love it!

Mommy Maggie and Lucas bonding in the water!

Now here’s my hubby Cj together with Ate Maggie and the kids!

Fun time with Daddy! Oh what joy!

My two handsome boys

Swimming 101 with Daddy:

Good job Cyler! Yay! 🙂

He really enjoyed the water a lot! Giddy Cyler here!

As I watched them play, I can’t help but see how much they have grown. Suddenly I realized these tots are not babies anymore (although it’s really hard to accept that fact), they already know what they want to do. Anyway, don’t want to think about the grownup things, I just want to enjoy their time while they we’re little. Every milliseconds are so precious to me when I spend it with my family. Nothing really beats that.

After their swimming these two little toddlers are both… K.O! PAK!

K.O! Daming pagod ng mga bagets!

Ate Maggie and I had a very meaningful mom-to-mom talks (or should I say never-ending-chikahan?), ay naku po hindi talaga kami naubusan ng chika! Haha! Oh, but that’s one thing I really enjoyed the most. We talked about almost everything; motherhood, baby stuffs, cooking, gadgets, hubby thing, and even kikay stuffs. Yes, she’s also a kikay mom like me. And you know what? It feels like we’re the same age when I’m talking to her. Anyway, hindi naman talaga nalalayo ang age namin, I’m 12 years old and she’s 13 years old. Am I right, cuz?! 🙂

Too cute to eat, right?!

While the kids we’re sleeping we took the opportunity to made some cake pops, actually she baked the cake pops already before we get there and I just helped her decorating the cake pops.

Our finish product! 🙂

Armed with our creative juices we we’re able to make a supah cute cake pops! While mommies doing the cake pops, the daddies watching some movies. BTW, Ate Maggie is selling cakepops, so if you’re interested kindly leave a message on my comment box and I’ll get back to you as soon as I can or you can also visit her blog and inform her.

Moving forward, after their power nap, the two toddlers are up again! Oh-uh! Their back again! 😛

They’re more comfortable now with each other. Oh what joy! 🙂

Sharing is caring. That’s so sweet! 🙂

Cyler really loves mazes! See how mesmerized he is with this toy?! 🙂

Lucas with his Daddy Mike.

Suddenly (and surprisingly) they kept quiet for awhile (finally!) when they started watching the Jeopardy quiz show. Geek!

Cousins watching Jeopardy show.

See how serious they are while watching these TV game program. Little Geeks!
Lucas: Cuz, I think your blocking my view.

It’s so funny because they we’re both hooked by the Jeopardy show, Cyler stood up and kept on shouting while watching the entire show. I bet he’s shouting the answers. Watchuthink?! Looks like we’re having a brainy toddlers here. *cross fingers*

What I also love with our stay there is that they made us feel that we are “guests”, thank you Ate Maggie and Kuya Mike for accommodating us very well. It was really nice bumping into you guys. We really had so much fun! Thank you, thank you! If Cyler can talk, I bet he will tell us that doesn’t want to go home yet, oh and I admit also feel the same thing. 🙂

Family photo first before we go home. 🙂

But wait there’s more! Here’s the after-look of their house after invaded by two toddlers…. Drum roll please!


Oh, what a beautiful mess! 😉

Ate Maggie and I both realized that we should talk and bond more often because we get a lot of ideas and mommy tips from one another, and I totally agree with her. It’s nice to get tips with my fellow momma’s, especially with Ate Maggie. She’s very kind and easy to talk to, not to mention kikay as well. Now you know why we really jive.

It was indeed a fun, fun day for all of us especially to our toddlers! We’ll definitely set more playdates for them, right Ate Jing?! Again, thanks for accommodating us! It was really nice bumping into you Ate Maggie, Kuya Mike, and Luke!

See you guys on our next playdate! 🙂

P.S. Thanks for the take-home cakepops and cookies for Cyler!

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