Stuffs for Babies

Every mom wants to give the best to their babies especially when it comes to baby stuffs. Of course we want something that is proven and tested by most mommies, and is baby proof. So, I would like to share some of the things that I personally use to my son.

So here it goes:

Cradle bottle and nipple cleanser

For Cyler’s bottle I only use Cradle because it is made from natural and edible ingredients found on plants extracts, and this is really proven and tested by most mommas. Most dishwashing liquids have Triclosan, a toxic chemical that are potentially quite dangerous. I tried using different bottle cleanser but it just leaves a bad odor to Cyler’s bottle, so I go back to Cradle.

Cycles Mild Laundry Detergent for babies

Cyler has a very sensitive skin and this one really works on him. Cycles is made from hypoallergenic, ultra-mild and baby-friendly ingredients that are kind to your baby’s sensitive skin. Unlike other detergents, Cycles is especially made for babies. It does not have harsh chemicals and does not leave soap residue that may harm your baby’s sensitive skin.

Huggies Total Protection Diaper

Actually, I tried using different diapers and this is the only one that meets my standard. Huggies diaper doesn’t leak and is very gentle to my son’s sensitive skin. It doesn’t sag unlike the other diapers and he never had rash with this diaper. As you can see we’ve got enough stock of diapers in our house. I bought these three packs at Ensogo Philippines for Php800++ only.

Johnson’s baby milk bath

We’ve been using Johnson’s baby milk bath for three months now and so far so good. It didn’t irritate my son’s sensitive skin and he never had rashes. It also has no more tears formula that is super safe for your kids delicate eye.

You can also use Cetaphil cleanser but it’s quite pricey. Cetaphil is a gentle skin cleanser for all ages, it has gentle, non-irritating formulas appropriate for most skin types and is highly recommended by most pedia’s and mommies.  We started using this when he had rashes in his neck. We used it to Cyler until he reached one year old. Cyler was rash-free ever since he use this cleanser.

Cetaphil Moisturizing Lotion

We’ve been using this ever since Cyler was born and until now. I use this as a massage lotion to Cyler before bed time. Truly, it keeps my baby’s skin soft and supple. This is also recommended by his pedia. This is also one of my beauty regimen, I use this on my face as a moisturizer.

Johnson’s Baby Wipes

Johnsons Baby Extra Sensitive Wipes are perfect for every nappy change and protect your babys skin like no other wipe can. It really works to Cyler because he never had diaper rash. This wipes is specially formulated to conveniently cleanse your baby more effectively than cotton balls and water alone. Perfect for babies with super sensitive skin like my son. I usually purchase this wipes at Mercury Drug because they always have buy 1 take 1 promo for this, which is super sulit. 🙂

Johnson’s 99% Pure Cornstarch

Johnson’s 99% Pure Cornstarch is designed to gently absorb excess moisture, helping baby’s skin feeling dry, fresh and smooth. I started using this when Cyler had rashes in his neck when he was 1 month old. The redness of his rashes completely disappear when I started using it. This is also recommended by his first pedia, and truly it’s very effective for any types of rashes. I also use it with each diaper change to prevent diaper rash. Pure cornstarch powder is dermatologist and allergy tested.

Cradle toy and surface cleaner

Cyler wants to put everything on his mouth so as for Baby’s Toys, I regularly clean them with the Cradle Toy and Surface Cleaner. This is a non-toxic sanitizer, with natural anti-bacterial agents that is super safe for kids, most especially for babies. Say goodbye to bacteria in just one spray!

Fruit Sack

Simply put a piece of fruit, vegetables or meat into the mesh bag and snap shut. This is perfect for teething babies because your baby can chew, suck and enjoy all the whole food goodness and taste without getting choke. I bought this at SM Baby Company.

SM Baby Company Sippy and Straw cups

I also bought this supah cute sippy and straw cups at SM Baby Company for Php100++ only. This cups keeps the drink from spilling. What’s good in these cups? Oh they use silicon for the spout and not plastic so it’s really safe for your baby. Silicon is very soft and bite-proof!

That’s it pansit!

So, these are the basic stuffs for baby that is proven and tested by yours truly kikay mommy. It’s fine to try different products for your baby, if it’s really effective to your babies then stick to it, and trust your mommy senses. Remember, Mother’s knows best. 🙂

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