Blog Post- Epic Fail!

I was supposed to create a blog post tonight but I ended up fixing my out-of-the-world blog layout. Yeah, I know my layout before was so ugly-ish.. The only best thing (?) in my layout was Cj and Cyler’s photo that has a poor resolution. Haha! I modified my layout into a simple but more motherly and girly layout. Na-achieve ko ba yung motherly and kikay layout ko?! Watchuthink?! Ay wait I’ll ask Yoda nalang baka umiyak ako sa answer ninyo eh.. 😛

Anyhoo, another cause of my epic fail blog post was the photos that I was about to upload, suddenly I encountered an error while uploading it and I can’t upload anymore! My Gulay! Kung aabutin ka nga naman ng kamalasan… Imagine even in uploading I also encountered an error, my goodness! I thought I will only encounter errors in my work. #BaliwNaKikayProgrammer

Gosh, I’m super-duper-uber-mega (to the highest level) sleepy now because it’s already 11:47 in the evening, BUT I promise (close my heart!) I’ll make a blog post tomorrow. PR-O-MI-SE! I’ve got so many things to share! So watch out, black out! Ayan umaatake na kabaliwan ko.. LOL!

Gotta go, sago!

P.S. If you haven’t voted yet for my two entries in Hunt’s and Jeans Fan Recipe Folio, please vote now! The voting runs until September 5, and that’s tomorrow! Gosh! Bukas na pala ang deadline! So please guys vote, vote, vote for my two recipes! Checkout the mechanics here. Spread the word and be heard! Thanks in advance!!! MWUUUUAHHH!


2 thoughts on “Blog Post- Epic Fail!

    • Naloloka na nga ako kakapalit ng layout eh, pero this time mukang eto na ‘to!.. Sana! Hahaha! I really love how it turns out! Simple pero may touch of kikayness! At ang lalandi ng fonts! Hahaha!

      Anyhoo, uy ang ganda kaya ng layout ng blog mo compare mo sa layout ko. Nanliliit nga ung theme ko sa theme mo. Hahaha! Pero tunay yan walang halong eklavoo!

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