Daddy’s Vintage Toy!

Do you still have your toy when you we’re a little? Do you consider it as a vintage toy? If yes, why?! If no, why not?! Hahaha! Beauty contest lang ang peg! I’m so cray-cray today, pag pasensyahan nio na! Anyhoo, my son has his own vintage toy that is given by his Daddy. This is certainly a vintage toy because it was preserve for three decades now, and the good thing– it is still working and look nice after three decades! Could you imagine that?! This toy is definitely way older than me but it doesn’t look wrinkly, right?! This space ship toy was my BIL’s toy and was passed to hubby when he was born. It has been passed on from generation to generation. Cyler is the third owner of this toy already. How nice, right?! I must say I so love this vintage toy too, though it has a cranky sounds that sounds scary. Oh well, what do I expect from a vintage toy, right? 🙂

Daddy’s vintage Masudaya Space Ship X-7 Flying Saucer

Brief Description: Made out of lithographed tin and plastic this Saucer features mystery bump&go action, flashing lights and revolving antenna inside the big clear dome. This version was made for the Japanese market. Still the toy remains the charm of an earlier era. This is battery operated X-7 spaceship / flying saucer. This toy was considered as a vintage toy based on what I have read at this site.


Hey Cyler, be carefuuuul! That’s what his Daddy kept on saying to him. Hehe

Cyler on his fave pose! Yeah, that’s his favorite pose! 😛

We turned-off the light in our room because the space ship lights looks better when its dark . See how Cyler giggles with this toy? Obviously, he definitely liked it!

In fairness after three decades this vintage toy is still working!

Look at those lights! I bet it would look better if I know how to adjust the settings of my camera. I’m not really good in photos though. So please, forgive my shots, todo ko na ‘to! Hindi lang talaga halata! 🙂

Thank you, Daddy! It’s mine now! 😛

Alright, it’s yours now. But please take good care of it, okay?! We need to preserve this toy for the next generations! Daddy will gonna cry if you break it. And don’t forget to handle it with care. Remember, that’s a vintage toy! 😛

How about you? Do you have any vintage toys? Care to share? I’m willing to listen. 🙂

P.S. Tomorrow is hubby’s birthday already! Weee! Advance Happy Birthday Hon! Love you! Mwuah! Mwuah! Tsup! Tsup!


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