Raising a Brainy Baby

Cyler is so into alphabets and numbers nowadays. I remember, we started introducing alphabets and numbers to Cyler at the tender age of three months old. I always sing the alphabet song to him (I even use it as his lullaby), we used to count (his toys) while he’s playing, we read alphabet books, and we allow him to watch Brainy Baby ABC’s and Charlie and the Numbers educational programme. To make the long story short — alphabets and numbers became part of his daily life.


Cyler was three months old here but he knew how to listen attentively to Mommy. We’re reading an alphabet book in this photo.

We introduced Brainy Baby ABC‘s to him when he was eight months old. At first he’s getting bored watching it (oh well, what do you expect from an eight months old baby), but as time goes by he get the hang of it and started liking it more and more each day. I mentioned from my previous post that Cyler knew how to say A-B-C at the age of eleven months, two weeks ago while we we’re tucking him in bed we sang the alphabet song to him (as usual) and then after few seconds we heard him saying the whole alphabet! As in from letter A to Z! At first I was skeptical if he was really saying the alphabet but when I listened carefully I realized that he was really reciting the alphabet! Oh my gulay! I was hyperventilating due to so much joy and excitement!

Brainy Baby ABC’s

Brainy Baby ABC offers a healthy dose of phonics and lowercase letter study as well. They vocally introduce each uppercase and lowercase letter pair, sharing it’s letter sounds, examples of words beginning with each letter, and a friendly narrator encourages viewers to repeat what they see and hear. This video is both entertaining and educational. They sing a song about the alphabet and different objects to help remember the letter sounds. It was design to learn the ABC’s and does it very well. And of course Mom and Dad’s help is crucial in the entire learning process. Truly, parents are the first educators of their children.

My gulay! Truly, my heart was filled with so much joy when I heard him saying the letters A-B-C-D-E-F-G-H-I-J-K-L-M-N-O-P- up to letter Z for the very first time! My heart was indeed popping with so much joy! I can’t believe that he knew the alphabet already…not to mention that he’s 15 months old only.

Yesterday, my sister Isang told me that when Cyler’s doing his morning walk, he kept on saying the alphabet daw, then suddenly our neighbor heard him reciting the alphabet and was really amazed to him. They can’t believe that this 15 months old toddler knew the entire alphabet already. Even me, I can’t really imagine that he will memorize it at this early age. But yeah, I admit it really makes me feel very proud.

Another milestone– he also knew how to count now from 1 to 10! Oh yes! You read it he knew how to count not just 1,2,3 but 1 to 10! Can you feel a very proud and giddy momma talking here?! Tahee! He learned it from his favorite TV programme Charlie and the Numbers from BabyTV (haller! kailangan pa bang i-memorize yan?!). This little young man is a big fan of Charlie, that’s why we also used it as his 1st birthday theme. Now, we used to play “fill-in the blanks” especially before bed time because that’s the time when he can concentrate well. We say the number first then Cyler followed by saying the next number. Learning while enjoying.

Numbers and counting turn into a fun adventure when Charlie visits the Numbers Kingdom, a magical world in which numbers reign. Join Charlie as he meets each of the charming numbers, and enjoy the singing, dancing, and of course – counting in this captivating series that brings the concept of numbers and numeracy to life. (Source: http://www.babytv.com)

My goodness! We are so happy because Cyler, my cutie patootie is definitely an active smart toddler now. And I guess Cj and I are on the right track. Truly, being a working parent is the most hardest, challenging job, but the most rewarding journey you will ever take. This is another biggest milestone for Cyler! Woot! Woot! Good job, sweetie! We’re so proud of you!

They say you can start teaching alphabet and numbers to your child by the age of two, but in my own opinion I think the best time to teach your child is when your baby starts communicating with you. The sooner, the better! Just don’t push them. Keep it fun and let them learn at their own pace. Don’t expect them to learn and memorize the alphabet and numbers in an instant, it takes time. And remember, patience is the key! Relax, just make it simple and have fun with your child. By simply reading, singing, and watching you already teaching your child how to count and learn the alphabet. 😉

P.S. Marunong na din syang mag-mano ngayon! Weeee! And he looks really cute every time he does it! F na F ko talaga ang pagiging nanay ko pag nagble-bless sya sakin! 🙂


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