To the Man Who Can’t Be Moved

Hon! My goodness, birthday mo pala! Happy Yipee Birthday, honey bunch! Can’t imagine that you’re forty years old already! Parang kailan lang! Hahaha! Alright, I know it’s your birthday so I’ll stop bullying you, at least for today. I guess no words can express how I really feel for you. You know what? I love you though most of the time you sleep very late and you hate veggies, daig mo pa si Kuya Germs of Walang Tulugan kung mag puyat. I know I kept on nagging you to sleep early because I am just concern to your health. And you know that, right?! (with matching taas kilay!) Sometimes I wanted to ask you this– in scale of Kuya Germs how puyat are you?! 😛

Alright, let’s get intimate now este serious pala.. You are such a good father to our child, a good provider, a cool daddy/hubby, a loving partner, my source of laughter (though your cray-cray most of the time), my shock-absorber, my ka-okrayan, sometimes my enemy, my sweet-lover-driver, my friend, a certified basketball addict, and my everything. Truly, no words can describe what you really mean to me, aabutin ng forty-eight years pag sinulat ko lahat ng gusto ko sau! Basta gusto kita at mahal na mahal kita! Period! Wala ng kasunod pero.. si Cyler may kasunod pa.. after few more years! 😛

I really can’t imagine my life without you, though sometimes we argue over the little things. I hope you always feel how much you mean to me, though I don’t always say it to you. If I we’re given a chance to live another life, I’d still choose you as my husband. I can’t imagine myself with anybody else but with you, Hon. I wanna grow old you and be with you in every single minutes of my life.

I promised to be more patience with your ka-kulitan and please, please sleep early! And try to eat veggies! My gulay! Oops! sorry, birthday mo nga pala. Alright, I won’t nag you… today. Hon, happy happy birthday! Thank you for giving and showing me the true meaning of love. And thank you for being a good father and example to Cyler! May God always guide you and bless you! Happy Birthday to the craziest man who really rocks my world! I love you from infinity and beyond! Mwuah! Mwuah! Tsup! Tsup! 😛

Here’s your fave song Birthday boy (and my favorite song too)!


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