Our First Youjie&Me Sale Experience!!

Hello my fellow mommies and single ladies! How’s your weekend?! Hope your having a blast!

O-M-G! Youjie&Me first warehouse sale was so HOT! There’s so many good baby stuffs that they sell in a much, much cheaper price! Oh well, warehouse sale nga eh so what do I expect diba?! #EngotLang But hey, I didn’t expect THAT it would be outrageous! I almost got stiff-neck because I kept on looking here and there, and I can’t stop myself from hyperventilating! My eyes were literally popped out from the moment we entered the place. In fairness the place that they get for their warehouse sale was sosi. You wouldn’t feel that you’re in a warehouse. My gulay! Boikido’s are on 20-30% off! The rest was up to 60% off! My goodness! I go cray-cray with their items! As in! I so love Youjie&Me that’s why when I heard about their warehouse sale I didn’t think twice and we go there immediately yesterday. Oh yes, as in agad-agad! Excited eh, sorry naman. πŸ˜›

Here’s what you can see there (get yourself ready!):

Warning: These photos are mouth-watering!


More Boikido!

And another Boikido!

Oh well, we are big fans of Boikido. And we love it so muchooo!

Blocks, Mats, Puzzle, etc

Nuby Bottles

I was about to buy this Nuby bottles because I’ve read so many good reviews about these bottle however Cj stopped me from buying it because Cyler has so many feeding bottles pa daw, which I think is right. Alright, I rest my case, he has a point. And besides Cyler is 15months old already, he won’t be needing this bottle anymore. His Avent bottles are still in good conditions, pwede pang ipa-mana kay Baby #2 in the near future.

More Nuby Products!

Upside: Their expensive sippy and straw cups are 30% OFF, some are 50% off!

Downside: Not all their items are on sale. 😦

Nuby bottles and sippy cups 50% OFF!

See those 50% off tags?! My gulay! That’s all I can say. BTW, Nuby Bottle is much cheaper than Avent bottle. This bottle only costs Php349(original price). If you’ll ask me, I would use this bottle for Cyler if only I knew this bottle from the very start. Gusto ko tuloy kumanta bigla ng Bakit ngayon ka lang..Hihihi

Avent bottles are really pricey but it has a good quality though. So, keribels na rin! πŸ™‚

Boikido is everywhere!

I love those piano’s! But it was still look pricey for me. Anyway, there are lot’s of Boikido available here!

Cute and colorful mats!

And look at those modern-look puzzle mats! I really like it however we already have puzzle mats in the house.

Stylish Diaper Bags

Diaper bags! I like the color grey one at the bottom. I’d like to buy it but then again (and again) Cj stopped me from buying it because we already have a diaper bag. *sob*

Baby shoes!

I was surprised because they also sell shoes! I haven’t seen any shoes on their boutique though.

Strollers from Aprica

In fairness, they sell the strollers in a much, much cheaper price! Again, I wanted to buy one but we already have strollers. Tahee! #MakulitNaBata

And another strollers!

I like the black one in the middle because it’s unisex. You can use it either for baby girl or boy. Dabaaa?!

Baby Blankets and socks

This is good for newborn. To all expectant mommies this one if definitely for yah! πŸ™‚

Super Cute Panda Bin Bag Chairs

And this one is definitely for us! This time nobody can stop me from buying it, no not even hubby! Bwuhahahaha!

Playpen and wooden cribs

I like the wooden cribs! This one is the convertable crib, you can convert it into a bed. Now how good is that,right? πŸ™‚

Sippy cups from Safesippy

And there you go, that’s what you can expect at the warehouse sale. I bet after seeing these photos you’ll find yourself getting ready for the warehouse sale. Can you see those 50% off tag?! My gulay! It’s definitely a must see warehouse sale of the year!

And here’s what we purchased:

Nuby Straw Cup
Orig Price: Php379.75
Now: Php265.82

Aprica Straw CupsOrig Price: Php599.75

Don’t you love those stylish straw cups?! It’s looks really good and has a high quality!

Boikido Wooden Blocks
Orig Price:Php1729.75

Of course Boikido was our top priority! We purchased this because Cyler is a big fan of blocks!

ABC Puzzle
Orig Price: Php459.75
Now: Php367.80

For our toddler who loves the Alphabet so much!

Panda Bin Bag Chair
Orig. Price: Php1,299.00
Now: Php779.85

And who can resist this super cute bin bag chair?! Itaas ang kili-kili! I told yah nobody can stop me from buying this! Wahahaha!

BTW, I named it KungFu Pandair (Panda+Chair)! πŸ™‚

And that’s all! We all had a shopping blast! Mommies and Daddies, you should go there! The warehouse sale runs until September 9 and September 14-15! So you still have more time but it’s better to go there now to get first pick of the best deals.

After this shopping battle we went to Esprimere Italian Deli to celebrate Cj’s 40th Birthday. But I’ll share it with you in my next post! Oh, he’s not 40 years old yet, I’m just kidding. He’s 49 years old! *peace Hon!*

And remember– once a shoppingera, always a shoppingera! Happy shopping! πŸ™‚

P.S. Don’t mind the white dotted line in the middle of the pictures. Hindi ko alam bakit may ganyan yan kasi when I preview it dun sa water mark software na ginamit ko wala naman nun. Weird. How about you, what software do you use in your watermark? Care to share? I will surely appreciate it. Thanks!

7 thoughts on “Our First Youjie&Me Sale Experience!!

  1. my son loves that boikido piano! he plays with it the whole time we are in toys r us. i agree though that the sale price is kinda stiff pa din. pero… naexcite pa rin ako! hahaha! where is this warehouse sale?

    • Boikido is really good, they’ve got high quality educational wooden toys, mas matibay, pwde pa ipamana kay baby #2,3,4 and so on and so forth! Btw, the sale runs from September 14-15 at Deco Centrum Bldg. 1 Anapolis St., Corner Edsa, Greenhills, San Juan, nasa pinaka corner sya ng Anapolis along Edsa. It’s a must see warehouse sale kc super bagsak presyo talaga lalo na ung boikido! πŸ™‚
      You can check out my previous post about the sale details. πŸ™‚

    • Hi Magarica, sorry but I’m not sure about the price becAuse this warehouse sale happened a couple of years ago (and this blog post was written a couple of yrs ago too). But I think they’re having a yearly warehouse sale not sure lang when ulit. You may check their branch to know about it. πŸ™‚

  2. Our daughter’s Aprica karoon plus strollers got lost when we forgot it inside taxi compartment. We were able to locate the driver and his taxi but unfortunately, taxi driver did not return it. He denied having the stroller. We’re so sad especially our daughter. We like that stroller as it was giving our daughter comfort and it served as her security blanket. So, we are currently looking for a second hand aprica stroller as we can’t buy brand new anymore. But, if we can find an Aprica stroller at a lesser price, or way way cheaper than Php19+++.++ karoon plus it would be best. Appreciate your help. Feel so luck to have found your blog about Youji&Me.

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