Healthy Snacks for Toddlers

When Cyler was still a little baby he tends to eat fruits and veggies but when he entered the toddler stage he started to become more picky on what he eats. Our pedia, Dra.Vienne Saulog says that food fads and fussy eater behaviors are common in young children, particularly to toddlers.Toddlers often develop more finicky, or discriminating, tastes as they grow up because this is their way of expressing independence. She says that it’s normal to most toddlers, but really frustrating for many parents. So, finding ways to “healthify” his favorite cookies/snacks is one of my biggest challenge as a parent. I want to ensure that he get the fruits and vegetables he need.

Of course my family’s health is my top priority among others. But there are times when I get tired of trying to play guessing games on what he wants to eat everyday. Just to find out nothing. We completely weaned him from drinking Mosegor-Vita and he’s back to being a fussy-eater now. He has outgrown our TV trick. We also tried to sit together at the table, but it doesn’t work too! Feeding toddlers healthy foods can be a lot like playing an endless game of hide-and-seek — there’s their appetite…and now, it’s gone! Yes, it’s frustrating, really frustrating but that’s how it goes, and this is just one of my dilemmas as a mom.

My son, Cyler would rather eat cookies/snacks than to eat the real food, and so I started looking for some healthy snacks that will support the needs of his body. Doc Vienne also told us that as long as his healthy and he doesn’t get sick then there’s no need to worry. Being picky on what they eat doesn’t necessarily means that they don’t get enough nutrition says Dra.Vienne. But there are times when I can’t help it. That is why I started looking for nutritious snacks for my picky tot.

Here’s some healthy snacks for toddlers:

Organic Snacks

Organic fruits and veggies snacks are all 100% natural, free from artificial flavors, coloring, and preservatives. Earth’s Best and Happy Baby are one of our favorites organic brand because it was proven and tested by me and most mommies. These snacks are indeed healthy and very affordable. You can never go wrong with this! You can check out my post about this organic goodness here.

Marks & Spencer Rich Tea Finger Biscuits

This is a light tea cookies/biscuits which is made with barley extract. Barley is the major cereal grain with good health benefits. It contains fiber, zinc and amino acid! It promotes bowel health and is really good for the heart.

Quaker Oaties comes with four different variants that your toddler can choose from!


You can never go wrong with oats because oats are highly nutritious and filled with cholesterol fighting soluble fiber. Like other grains oats do not lose their nutrients even after being hulled and processed.

Honey Nuts

Quaker Oaties are 1/3 Less Fat, No Artificial Flavors, and has 0% Trans Fat. I usually buy those bite size biscuits for Cyler because it’s very easy to swallow.

Apple and Cinnamon

Sometimes we allow him to eat oat cookies when lunchtime has become humdrum to Cyler.

Chocolate chip flavor!

Everyone deserves a treat and this one is definitely a treat for Cyler– a healthy oat chocolate chip flavored! These mini oats cookies costs Php11 petot only! Now how good is that, right?! 🙂

And who can resist this M&M chocolate chip cookies?!

M&M Bitesize cookies

I didn’t know that there is an M&M cookies existing in this world, I know it sounds weird but it was my first time to see it, really. This one costs not less than Php15 petot.

Everyone deserves a treat and so is your child. That is why I give him this mouth-watering chocolate chip cookies at least once a month. I always make sure that we brush his teeth after munching this chocolate-y goodness! I know it’s sinful but definitely yummy! Let the kids be kids! 🙂

Dutche’ Butter cookies

I discovered this butter cookies to Ate Maggie, when Cyler and his cousin Lucas had a play date a couple of weeks ago. It was love at first bite when he tasted this, as a matter of fact he can finish 1-2 packs of this in one day! That’s how he loves it! And you know what really good in this cookies– it’s not too sweet and it easily melts on his mouth. You can buy this at SM Department Store not in the supermarket, it only costs Php19/pack. Really cheap, right?! 🙂

Here are the three major things that I considered before buying snacks for my fussy-eater son:

1. Should be healthy. Every parents top priority are their child’s health so give your child a healthy treat even if it’s a snack.

2. Easy to swallow. It’s important that the food that we are giving to our toddler (especially to babies) is easy to swallow because toddlers can be choke easily.

3. Should not be expensive. The letter “B” for the word budget is the most important to all us mommies. Feeding our child should not be expensive, so it’s better to check out the nutrition facts of the product before buying it. If that suits to your budget then go for it and buy it. Remember the saying– mothers know best. 🙂

Your toddler may be finicky with his food, but at least you can count on a few fallback foods you know he’ll eat. When it comes to nurturing your toddler’s noggin, mealtime is just as important as playtime. That’s why you’d be wise to stock your kitchen with these healthy snacks for toddlers. Don’t fret to your fussy-eater tot, keep it easy. Remember meal time should be play/fun time for every toddler. If lunchtime has become humdrum, then it’s time to bring out those healthy snacks! 🙂

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