KMS Cooks: Spanish-Style Sardines Pasta Ala Kikay Mommy Sha

It’s been a long time since I cook! No weekend cooking for me these past few weeks because I was insanely busy with so many things. Our weekends we’re always fully booked, but good thing last Sunday I got the chance to cook again. My gulay! I miss cooking A LOT! Anyhoo, I got this yummy recipe from my dear friend Anna. We both love experimenting in the kitchen that’s why when I tasted her Spanish Sardines Pasta I told myself that I need to cook it! Last Sunday, we had a mini post-birthday celebration for hubby in our house, we just bought some pizza and roasted chicken, in additional to his mini-celebration I decided to cooked this pasta dish.

I’ve seen few Spanish sardines pasta recipe but most of them are mixed with white sauce or pesto sauce, sometimes they just mix it with olive oil. This one is a bit different because I used red sauce here. Just like my other pasta recipes this one is so easy to cook as well, perfect for all on-the-go people, like me. Alright, so let’s start now.

Here’s watchunid:

Olive Oil, Pasta, Mushroom, Spanish Sardines, Hunts Dice Tomatoes, White Onion, and Hunts Tomato Pesto & Cheese (Not included in the photo)

I used vegetable fusilli pasta for my non-veggie eater husband(my gulay!). When it comes to Spanish-style sardines I only choose Zaragoza because their the best when it comes to Spanish Sardines. I used the mild-hot sardines because this Bicolana in me loves spicy foods so much, and I wanted to spice up this pasta dish. And this time I used Hunt’s diced tomatoes (with basil, garlic, & oregano) because I’m too lazy to chop some tomatoes, but I also added some Hunts Tomato Pesto & Cheese sauce.

And here’s the EZ-PZ steps:

1.Dice the onion and chop the mushroom.

2. Drain the Spanish sardines and shred it into pieces. Set aside the sauce and make sure to remove the fish bone.

3. Saute onion in olive oil.

4. Pour in the dice tomatoes and tomato pesto sauce. Drizzle with pepper, salt, rosemary, and basil leaves for much richer taste and aroma.

5. Pour the Spanish sardines sauce to the mixture to add more flavor to your pasta then turn off the stove and then add the Spanish sardines.

And that’s it!

Bonus Cooking Tips: Make sure to add the Spanish sardines at the end so that it won’t break into smaller pieces just like what happened to me, due to so much excitement I mixed the sardines after sautéing the onion. Ang engot ko talaga! Just so you know. This will prevent the sardines from overcooking. It’s also fine if you don’t want to shred the sardines and remain it as it is, it’s always your choice. Me, I really don’t want to eat the fish bone though it’s a bit soft, it’s just so unusual to me. I don’t know but it’s kinda weird for me if there’s a fish bone in my pasta. But again it’s your choice, you can do whatever you want to do in the sardines. 🙂

And there you go!

Truly, the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach and happy to say that my husband Cj liked this dish so much, as well as my in-laws! Tahee! Anything homemade is always extra special and this Spanish-style sardine dish is no exception.

Happy Cooking!

P.S. The Hunts and Jeans Fan Recipe Folio contest has ended already, sad to say I didn’t win but it’s totally fine (weh? di nga?)! Anyway, there’s still next time, right?! Just want to congratulate all the winners! Guys, you did a great job! Cheers!

Special thanks to Je of Je’s Anatomy for recommending this watermark software that I am using right now. Thanks a lot Je!


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