Who Says Toddler and Veggies Do Not Mix?

…well then, I’ll ask my son, Cyler to teach them how to eat.. Broccoli! 🙂

Toddlers and vegetables aren’t always best buds, especially when you have a fussy eater tot. But I’m still lucky because my son eats veggies though he is a terrible fussy eater. He loves eating broccoli especially when he’s on the mood to eat. But I must admit that I am now in the throes of working through the challenges of feeding my toddler (and my non-veggie eater hubby). Broccoli is an  excellent choice and a pefect snack for toddlers. Broccoli is a member of the cabbage family and is extremely nutrient dense.

Discover the healthy goodness of Mr.Broccoli:

Photo taken from Live Love Fruit

Studies have shown that eating broccoli can help prevent cancer and heart disease. These benefits are great for mom and dad(did you read this Hon?!) and will help to create a family with healthy eating habits.

Cyler while munching his broccoli

He always got that “Mukha-sim” look every time he eats it, but he likes it though! Weird.

I let him munch broccoli on his own, I’ve learned that allowing your child to touch and feel his food will teach him how to appreciate his food more and you are also teaching your toddler how to enjoy a well rounded diet by exposing them to new healthy foods. Toddlers loves to feel different texture and they loves to see different colors. Again, meal time should be fun time for toddlers. Bring that healthy goodness in your kid!

I told yah, he likes it.. hindi lang talaga halata! 🙂

Do not be afraid to give your toddler broccoli. Serve your baby small amounts of broccoli and watch their reaction. Your baby may reject trying new food the first few times. But don’t fret, continue serving it with another more familiar food. Until you and your toddler finally discover what he wants to eat. 🙂

How about you my fellow mommies? What is your toddler’s favortie veggie?

P.S. You can try my veggie soup recipe here. It’s perfect for the whole family especially to kids! Very healthy and oh-so-yummy! 🙂

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