Abe Restaurant: Where Good Friends Dine

Just a couple of weeks ago, my friend Mich and I had a double birthday celebration together with our good friends. Actually, it’s was a long overdue birthday celebration, my birthday was last April pa. Anong petsa na diba? Haha! We’ve been planning for this celebration for so long, finally it has been push through. Our initial plan was to dine at Racks, SM North however they didn’t allow reservations on weekends, so I decided to change our venue. My second plan was to dine at Tempura because I was craving for their Ebi Bacon Maki , but hubby reminded me that I already celebrated my birthday at Tempura last year (oops! my momnesia attacked again), so I changed the venue again. Hubby suggested Abe Restaurant instead, he said that the food here is really good. And so it has been decided that we we’re going to dine at Abe (sa wakas!).

We arrived early at the mall, so we decided to window shop while waiting for our friends.

We took Cyler at Toys R Us, we just let him play and touch the toys but we didn’t purchase anything for him. We wanted to teach him the value of “money” and “frugality” , and of course we don’t want to raise a spoiled brat. Also, they we’re able to watched Power Rangers inside the store, and the best thing here is— it was all for FREEE! Our toddler was really happy even if we didn’t purchased anything for him. Truly, money can’t buy you happiness. 🙂

And of course, hindi pwedeng mawala ang “Kikay Outfit of the Day” ni Mommy. So here it goes..

Top from Tiangge, Leggings from LandMark, Sandals from LYN, Silver and Black HandBag from Sophie Martin Paris, and Necklace from F21

Doña Sharon lang ang peg ko that day! Nyahahaha!

Just a brief details about my outfit: I purchased my top from a small Tiangge at Cainta when I was in college and I am just so happy because it still fits me. As for the bag, I had this bag when I was also in college, and it still looks “new”, right? That’s how I value my things. 🙂

Moving on with my review, Abe is relatively unpopulated and they also had reservations unlike the other restaurant’s in Trinoma, which I like the most because I really hate waiting most especially when I’m hungry, nangangain kasi ako ng tao pag gutom. Haha! The restaurant serves traditional Filipino food, mostly of Capampangan origin, and its concept and design provide the ideal setting for friends and family who wish to dine comfortably and have a good time.Their staffs we’re really friendly and very accommodating, which is two-thumbs up for me. Arnold Clavio was also there.. but he’s not one of my guests, he and his family are sitting on the next table. I wanted to ask him sana kung asan si Arn-Arn kaso shy ako. Tahee! Kidding aside.

The resto looks really elegant but very homey (swak na swak sa outfit ko that day!haha!). I first saw Abe at Serendra, I thought they used to serve American cuisine but I was wrong. You can’t deny its wonderful interiors though, not to mention the superb ambiance

Here’s my cray-cray friends, Biboy (the boy who’s hiding in the menu, pasensya na baliw-baliwan lang ang peg nya eh), Yen(the girl who’s sitting between Biboy and I), Mich (the girl beside Cj), and the new member of our group Ginji, Mich’s son.

See how Cyler stared to his Ninong Biboy, it seems like he just saw his Ninong for the first time. Cyler was a bit shy then, yeah he knows how to be shy now. After a few minutes he kept on talking again. Wenk!

Here’s my inaanak, Ginji the living siopao. Haha! Can you resist those chubby cheeks and mala-longganisang arms?! Talaga namang nakaka-gigil! 😛

And here’s what we order:

Fruit Shakes (Php105)

Everyone ordered fruit shakes.

Kare-Kare (Php595)

We’re choosing between Sinigang and Kare-Kare, but we decided to go for Kare-Kare because it’s one of their best-seller here in Abe. The meat was cooked tender especially the Ox tripe, but I was looking for more taste of peanuts. This dish was just right, nothing much special though.

Gising-Gising (Php240)

I am a big fan of coconut milk because I’m a Bicolana and I so love spicy foods. This dish was indeed delish!! Gising-gising is a Capampangan dish and this one was a big hit to me, I love the crisps stem of kangkong. Actually, I don’t really eat kangkong stem but I was pleasantly surprised because I liked this dish. The sweet and spicy taste of the coconut milk was a perfect combination, plus the shrimp! I can even eat this as it is, without any rice. I will surely try to cook this one of this day! 🙂

Knockout Knuckles (Php595)

Knockout Knuckles is one of their specialties here in Abe, and I agree because it taste really good. The pork was cooked tender and crispy. You can never go wrong in ordering this dish.

Sisig (Php195)

Their sisig was just right, but nothing really special. But I love the fact that it’s not too salty unlike the other sisig that I have tasted before.

Baby Squid Rice (Php325)

This is a fried rice mixed with shrimp paste, salted egg, and of course squid. The shrimp paste goes well with the fried rice. I didn’t think that the rice would be mix with bagoong because of it’s name. I also thought that the big round color brown thingy on the center was a chicharon, but it was salted egg pala. Suddenly I realized, maraming namamatay sa maling akala, buti nalang di ko pinagkamalang pating yung squid. Hahaha!

Pork Binagoongan (Php265)

I’m allergic to shrimp and I already ate baby squid (with bagoong) rice, so I just taste one spoonful of this dish. It taste good, but nothing really special. My friends really liked it.

Laing Tinapa (Php255)

Lowdown: I’m a pure Bicolana, so I have a high expectations when it comes to laing. Sad to say, I am disappointed with their Laing. It taste.. blah! I don’t know but it taste different especially the sauce. And also, their high chair doesn’t have any seat belt and it’s quite dangerous for kids to sit there.

From L-R: Cj, Mich, Pat, Neil, Biboy, Yen and I. (But we’re not complete here)

But overall, we had a good dining experience here in Abe. A good time with friends is what matter most to me, and nothing beats that. Truly, Abe Restaurant is an epitome of Filipino cuisine ingenuity.

Before, it was just us but now– we have two new members, namely Cyler and Ginji! 🙂

Abe TriNoma
Level M3, Trinoma Mall, North EDSA, Quezon City

Phone: 901-5691 or 901-5692

Business Hours:
Monday – Sunday / 11:00 am – 11:00 pm


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