Kikay Finds: The Body Shop Moringa Body Mist

It’s so hard to find the perfect happy-medium scent that is not too sweet and not too floral,but I am happy because The Body Shop Moringa Body Mist is just perfect. This spray is fab and the smell lasts all day when sprayed. It also has the right amount of sweetness and floral scent that keep you from feeling like your grandma. This spray is richly floral that gives you a gentle burst of delicate florals. The fragrance is very light and airy, it doesn’t give you the cloying feel that stronger eau de toilettes can give, the smell is so refreshing.

The Body Shop Moringa Body Mist

I love their packaging but I admit that it it’s not really portable because it’s fragile. I think it would be much better if they have a non-glass bottle for this, so it wouldn’t get smash inside the bag. The bottle looks like perfume and I was surprised (and impressed) because it also smells more perfume-y than a basic body mist. Just three to five (or six sprays for me, adik lang eh!) spray is enough to lasts all day. Once it sinks to your skin/clothing, the alcohol aroma does go away and it leaves a very pretty-girly scent. It’s a kind of spray that turns people’s heads, even my friends loves the smell of it, they even borrowed it to me. And I could even smell it a little in the next morning.

I was pleasantly surprised because it only costs Php545, and here’s the good thing– I purchased it for Php436 only because they gave me a 20% discount! Oh, I was lucky because they have a promo for TBS members when I purchased it. They also come in different body mist fragrances– like shea, strawberry, vanilla, coconut, pink grapefruit, satsuma, mango, and coconut. Whether your into citrus or sweets this body mist have got you covered. And the best thing here– they’re each made with natural extracts and community fair trade essence from sugar cane, so their all naturals and eco-friendly too! But TBS Moringa Body Mist is definitely irresistable for me. 🙂


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