Cyler’s Intellectual and Cognitive Development: Toddler Milestones

Watching your kids grow up is sort of bittersweet; but it happens so fast. If feels like he suddenly aged in a millisecond.  And now that time was rapidly approaching for this child. I’m having a flashback to the first time I saw my baby and cuddle him, and it seems like a blink of an eye, one minute I am holding his hand to help him walk, and now his opting to walk on his own. Oh my, can’t imagine how time flies! Can I pause it for a seconds?! Oops! I’m sorry I’m just reminiscing here.

Anyhoo, we visited Doc Vienne a week ago for Cyler’s monthly check-up. A trip to Doc Vienne’s clinic for the monthly check up is like a day in school for me. I learned so much from her, every month she would ask for Cyler’s milestones and she answered all my worries and concerns.  When we got off the elevator, Cyler let go of my hand and ran ahead of me. I didn’t stop him but I kept a close distance from him so I can run after him if he makes a wrong turn or would enter a different doctor’s clinic. He stopped on the first door (the door before Doc Vienne’s clinic) for about 5 seconds and he had this curious look, and I was surprised because he didn’t went inside. He usually go inside the wrong doctor’s clinic every time we go there and this time he turned on the right corner and went inside the right door. I told Docky about these and she is also surprised. She said that Cyler’s intellectual/cognitive skills is developing well.

Cyler with Dra. Vienne Saulog

I also told her that Cyler memorized the entire alphabet already and can count from 1 to 10 now. She was really happy and surprised for Cyler. She said that Cyler has a good memory and a really smart toddler. She told me that only few toddlers at his age can memorize the entire alphabet. She even heard Cyler counting while we we’re talking inside the clinic, and she was really amazed and happy. So, she suggested that we should start teaching Cyler the basic human body parts like eyes, ears, nose, etc. She also said that we should keep demonstrating and then explaining things to him, and he will gradually begin to understand more about how the world around him works. She said that memory is such an important part of what helps children develop intellectually, and it is worth helping your child try to improve his memory skills. The constant repetitions of the rhymes in early life , means that your child becomes familiar with different word sounds. We even asked Cyler to show Docky how to make “mano” (is a sign of respect to elders, a tradition for Filipino children to kiss or touch to their forehead) before we left the clinic and she was surprised. 🙂

Cyler while inside the clinic

He also remembered that once we take off his clothes he get a shot so he started to become clingy but he doesn’t cry. He even stared at the injection while Doc Vienne giving him a shot, what a brave little boy. I really think that he’s more brave than his mother. 🙂

He’s saying “Q” here.

Here’s another AHA moments with Cyler: Two nights ago, I heard Cyler saying the alphabets while reading his book, I thought he just saw the letters on the sentences. But I was surprised, when I checked what his reading I saw alphabets written on the book. Oh, I realized that he can also recognized the letters already. Sometimes he get confuse with letter “O” and circle, but I think it was really confusing.

My biggest worry is still his eating habit but Doc Vienne told me not to because it’s normal to his age. She said that as long as he’s healthy and he doesn’t get sick then it’s fine and that he will overcome this stage as he grow up.

So far, he can now recognize shapes like circle, triangle, stars and square. We’re still working on the human body parts, because every time we teach him the body parts he thinks that we we’re just tickling him. Hehe

But overall, I am happy to see him growing the way he wanted to be. And we’re looking forward for his more surprises and milestones. 🙂

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