KMS Cooks: Fresh Garden Salad Ala Kikay Mommy Sha

Hi friends! My gulay! Its been awhile since I created a post. I have been in an involuntary hiatus these past few days, and I guess every writer/blogger are experiencing the same thing, just like what Ate Maggie said in one of her post. Maybe it’s because of my hectic sched or maybe the gloomy weather affects my mood, I don’t know. Whatever the reason is.. today I’ll try to make a post to help me get started.

Alright, so moving on amiga’s and amigo’s, today I made some fresh garden salad to healthify our lunch. Actually, I wanted to cook gising-gising but then my little shaolin, Cyler woke up at around 12pm-ish  and I couldn’t go downstairs to prepare my ingredients. So, instead of cooking gising-gising, I just made some home-made fresh salad.  I have a confession to make but please don’t tell anyone about it, ok?! (Baliw-baliwan lang ang peg ko today) So here’s my confession I copied Italianni’s Silican Salad here, but I used different dressing in my salad and I didn’t add any mayo chicken and croutons at all because I forgot to buy these ingredients yesterday when we we’re in grocery. Andun na eh, nakalimutan pa! Sorry, it’s my mom-nesia, sisihin ninyo po yun. 🙂

Of course, this green salad is so easy to prepare, you just need a little cutting session and you’re done. And here’s what you need, baby.


  • Lettuce
  • Ripe Mango (cut into cubes)
  • Fresh Tomatoes (cut into cubes, much better if you use cherry tomatoes)
  • Grapes (halved)

Instead of preparing my own dressing, I just bought the ready-made vinaigrette dressing in the supermarket. I chose Clara Ole Mango flavored vinaigrette since I’m addicted to mango.  This dressing has a sunny sweetness of mangoes that is perfect for salads. You can also use it over salsa or use as dipping sauce for steamed or grilled chicken and fish. Clara Ole vinaigrette also comes in different flavors like parmesan, pesto, orange, and sesame. The fruits really goes well with the sour taste of vinaigrette.

Bonus Tip: You can add more fruits, veggies and nuts if you opted to, more veggies and fruits is equal to much healthier garden salad and you! 🙂

EZ-PZ Step:

1. Cut all the ingredients into bite size. You can leave the lettuce as it is (this is optional, you can cut it into halves if you opted to).

2. Combine lettuce, grapes, mango, and tomatoes.

3. Drizzle with vinaigrette (or any dressing) then toss.

4. And lastly, serve with a smile. 🙂

You can never go wrong in doing this hearty salad, it’s super easy to prepare and its a perfect way to healthify your food! Remember, your family’s health is your top priority as a Mom, so start serving healthy foods to your love ones! Loaded with fabulous flavor, this hearty salad comes together in no time. And you’ll have this ready in moments, perfect for on-the-go Mom, like meeee! So, what are you waiting for mudrabels and friends?! Live and love.. fruits and Veggies!

Happy Cooking everyone! 🙂

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