My Weekend Booksale Loots

Haller, haller! It’s me again! My mind is wooshing now, and I need to share all my thoughts inside my head to prevent it from nerve-damaging (a.k.a Pagka-baliw). So, please please bear with me, guys. 🙂

It’s been a long time since I bought books for Cyler. I’m not a bookworm but my son is indeed a book sucker. You can check my post about Booksale here and here. Yesterday, we went to SM San Lazaro because of their 3-days sale. My gulay! Sale madness always sent chills to my spine! Can you feel a frugalicious momma talking here?! Anyhoo, we went to Booksale before we go shopping. The store was jam-pack already when we arrived, but I was really determined to buy books for Cyler so tiis-ganda ang lola ninyo. Happy to say that I was able to purchase six books, five for Cyler and one for mommy. I purchased three Christmas books for Php175 only, two Dr.Seuss books for Php160, and a cook book for Php90 petot only. Could you imagine how happy I am with my purchases? Super duper uber mega happy to the highest level! 🙂

Christmas by Charlie Brown (Php95), Christmas is Coming by Robin Carey (Php45), The Snow Must Go On by Hallmark (Php35)

It’s my early Christmas gift for my cutie patootie. He fell inlove with the book “Christmas is Coming” because it’s a touch and feel type of book. It really catches my toddler’s imaginative mind. And I think it’s a great way to introduce Christmas to Cyler through this book.

I saw “Goodnight Moon” on the shelves but it wasn’t in useable condition anymore, so I didn’t buy it. I also saw “Fancy Nancy”, pero naman! Di naman pwede yun kay Cyler! Kay Mommy, pwede pa. LOL

Horton Hatches the Egg by Dr.Suess (Php95) and The Tooth Book by Dr.Seuss (Php65)

These books are Cyler’s all time favorite book. Thank to his cousin, Lucas’ Seussical Birthday Party for introducing Dr.Seuss to Cyler. And oh, I was looking for Karen Katz books but couldn’t find any. Cyler fancy one of his Karen Katz book now and he memorized the pages by heart. And he giggle with delight every time we read that book to him. Sad to say, I didn’t find any Karen Katz book then. Oh well, better luck next time.

And last but never the least. I purchased pasta cookbook for myself! Oh what joy! 🙂

Pasta CookBook (Php90)

I can’t wait to try all the recipes written in this book! Woo Hoo!

 Hopefully, I could find any Karen Katz book next time (hindi talaga matulog kay Karen Katz eh noh?). Oh well, I just am happy with all my purchases. And happy to see my son enjoying his not-so-new books! 🙂


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