The Little Snorlax (Part 2)

Cyler is not a morning person and so his Mom and Dad. He normally wakes up at around 11am or sometimes 1pm, it’s a surprise when he wakes up at 8 in the morning. That’s the main reason why we’re always late on our monthly appointment with Doc Vienne. Hehe Anyhoo, cliché as this may sound but I’m one of the million moms who love to stare at my sleeping child until.. I got stiff neck. It may sound funny but it’s true though. It gives me peace of mind every time I look at my child while he’s sleeping. He is truly a heaven-sent from above and it feels like heaven when I’m with him. Now I understand my mom when she told me that the feeling is indescribable once you have your own child. And it’s true it feels so different– the joy, hard time, laughter, milestones, sleep deprivation are all essentials in motherhood but that’s what makes me a woman.

I love taking photos of my shaolin kid, Cyler while he’s sleeping because he has lots of (out-of-the-world) sleeping positions and he is tremendously malikot(Can I ask something?..what’s the english of malikot?Hehe). He literally goes upside down in the bed, and sometimes I used to wake up at the middle of the night because he accidentally kick my my head (or worst my face!). Now how in the world is that?! It may sound terrible but it’s funny! Hindi pwdeng gigising ako ng walang masakit sa muka at ulo ko. My gulay! There are times when he accidentally spank either me or his daddy because of his so much kalikutan. But we never fret (not unless magdugo na yung muka namin), we just love the fact that we are co-sleeping and we feel lucky about it. We’re lucky because our family is complete and we we’re able to tuck our son in bed every night. And I love the feeling of waking up in the morning next to my boys.

And here’s the funny thing, these past few weeks Cyler loves to say “yeeeaaah!” ( that’s his hip-hop way of saying yes) and he always say it as soon as he open his eyes in the morning (or afternoon). He say it most of the time and I lost count already. He is soo cute every time he says “Yeaaah!”, parang batang hiphop lang ang peg! LOL From then we gave him another alias– which is “Yeah boy”, sounds like “Jeboy” (his Daddy’s nickname). I guess I talk too much now, let’s move on to the most interesting part of this post, my little Snorlax different sleeping pose. Let the photos do the talking.. 🙂

Time at this moment was 12pm-ish. Can you see how he change his position from time to time?

It’s 12:15pm already and he’s still in LalaLand.. Kailangan talaga ang katawan nasa unan, ang ulo ang nasa baba?

Finally, at 12:30pm Mr. Snorlax woke up. As usual, muni-muni muna ang bagets.

When he noticed that I was standing next to him (while taking photos of him) he got up right away and he said– “Yeaaah!”. But after three minutes he lay down at the bed again. Ay joke lang pala yun.

I think Mr. Snorlax was still sleepy then. So, I allow him to lay on the bed again. Finally, at 1pm we went downstairs and had our brunch.

Now, this is life for Mr. Snorlax.

I’ve got thousands of Cyler’s photos in our computer, and I guess 1/4 of it are photos while he’s sleeping. Now I was planning to make an album for these photos, I will show it to Cyler when he grow up. I bet he’ll laugh at these photos ,and he will realize how cute and likot he is when he’s sleeping. Whatchuthink? Isn’t it a nice idea?

Btw, here’s the part 1 of “The Little Snorlax, if you’re interested you can check it out. 🙂

2 thoughts on “The Little Snorlax (Part 2)

    • He usually sleeps at 10pm or 11pm ganyan ka-late, pero sometimes adikan talaga sya sa gabi hanggang madaling araw he’s wide awake, nagigising kasi sya automatic pag dumadating na kami sa bahay from work tapos makikipag laro samin. Kaya ayun walang tulugan lang ni kuya germs ang peg ng bagets. Pero ok din kc ung time ng gising nya nababawi nya ung puyat nya at nakakatulog kami ng matagal. Haha!

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