Do Not Leave Your Toddler Unattended

….for even short periods of time because you’ll never know what will happen next until..

…… these things happened.

Last night, while we we’re playing I turned my back for a few seconds then I came across with this little boy who kept on pulling the wipes one by one and can empty a packet in just 30 seconds.

Uhmmm, sweetheart… what do you think you’re doing? I think that’s your baby wipes…

Baby wipes, what happened to you? You should’ve save yourself from this toddler.

I tried to stop him from doing (but I know it was too late) this and this is what I had.. a crocodile tears from my dramatic toddler.

Now how can I react with this? Too cute to give punishment, right?!

And do you believe in the saying “Don’t judge the book by its cover”? I dont.. why?

This book looks good outside but when I opened it.. this is what I saw.

Why did you tear me apart? -Emoterang Libro

And the culprit: Cyrus Schuyler S. Ricafort

Toddler love to scribble and so is my tot. Cyler learned to draw at the tender age of 14 months. He is indeed a big fan of crayons and colors.

He loves to draw a lot and he surprised us with his little art that he left on the…door.

Surprise Mommy and Daddy! I just noticed this last night and I AM REALLY surprised. I couldn’t help but ask him– “Anak, bakit dyan? Muka bang black board yan?”

Do you see what I see? Here’s the close up look. Can someone tell me what’s the meaning of this? Hehe

And oh, but wait! There’s more!

Tadahh! How about a wall painting?! Isn’t it cute?! 😛

Oh no! anak anyaareeee?! I am just a bit worried because he may choke with these crayons.

This is what we have everyday and it’s all because of our little young man, Cyler. Whatta beautiful mess isn’t it?!

Now tell me, how I can blame this innocent little cutie patootie?! I guess it’s also our fault we should always supervise our child.

Lesson learned: Never leave your toddler unattended, toddler safety is very important because more accidents occur during the toddler years than at any other stage of childhood says the expert.

And I just wanted to share some toddler safety tips that I got from the site Medline Plus. List it down mommies and daddies! 🙂

  • It is important for parents to recognize that the child can now walk, run, climb, jump, and explore. This new stage of movement makes child-proofing the home essential. Window guards, gates on stairways, cabinet locks, toilet seat locks, electric outlet covers, and other safety features are essential.
  • As during the infancy period, place the toddler in a safety restraint (toddler car seat) when riding in a car.
  • Do not leave a toddler unattended for even short periods of time. Remember, more accidents occur during the toddler years than at any other stage of childhood.
  • Introduce and strictly stick to rules about not playing in streets or crossing without an adult.
  • Falls are a major cause of injury. Keep gates or doors to stairways closed, and use guards for all windows above the ground floor. Do not leave chairs or ladders in areas that are likely to tempt the toddler into climbing up to explore new heights. Use corner guards on furniture in areas where the toddler is likely to walk, play, or run.
  • Childhood poisonings are a frequent source of illness and death during the toddler years. Keep all medications in a locked cabinet. Keep all toxic household products (polishes, acids, cleaning solutions, chlorine bleach, lighter fluid, insecticides, or poisons) in a locked cabinet or closet. Many household plants may cause illness if eaten. Toad stools and other garden plants may cause serious illness or death. Get a list of these common plants from your pediatrician.
  • If a family member owns a firearm, make sure it is unloaded and locked up in a secure place.
  • Keep toddlers away from the kitchen with a safety gate, or place them in a playpen or high chair. This will eliminate the danger of burns from pulling hot foods off the stove or bumping into the hot oven door.
  • Toddlers love to play in water, but should never be allowed to do so alone. A toddler may drown even in shallow water in a bathtub. Parent-child swimming lessons can be another safe and enjoyable way for toddlers to play in water. Never leave a child unattended near a pool, open toilet, or bathtub. Toddlers cannot learn how to swim and cannot be independent near any body of water.

And I guess, that’s it pansit! Hope you learned something from that. 🙂

How about you? Did you experience the same thing with your toddler? Share it with me, I’d love to hear from you! 🙂

6 thoughts on “Do Not Leave Your Toddler Unattended

  1. oh my goodness! i went through the same thing with Tala! I can relate to the wipes incident and what’s funny is, she also has a book in that series that teaches toddlers against biting, and she tore that too! what can i say? gotta love our toddlers 🙂

    • True! NKKLK talaga! toddlers are so fast! Malingat ka lang sandali their doing something agad. That’s why we should always supervise them. I know all moms can relate to this! Oh and thanks for dropping by Mommy Marie! 🙂

    • Mars, di ka nagbabasa noh? hahaha! Nag drawing din sya sa wall namin. Hahaha! Buti nalang talaga wala pang pintura ung wall, NKKLK! Pag pinagalitan ko sya dina-dramahan lang akech.. Kalerks!

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