Christmas is Just Around the Corner

Can you feel the Christmas breeze? It’s so hard to get up every morning because its too cold! I also hear some Christmas song in the radio, mall, train station, office, restaurants, public vehicles, I mean my goodness I hear it everywhere. Truly, Christmas is just around the corner. And it never fails to excite me about Christmas. It’s my most awaited season of the year and I bet I’m not the only one. Can’t wait to see the Ayala Triangle in December because they always surprise us with their irresistible Christmas lights presentation. I remember I took Cyler there last year and can’t wait to bring him there again this December. I’m so excited to celebrate the Christmas eve in my hometown and be with my friends and family. I am also looking forward to the Ricafort Family Reunion this year, I bet it will be so much fun because we’ve got the new member of the family- Cyler, his cousin Lucas and Brielle! More chikitings, more fun! Oh no, I need to start buying gifts for my family and friends! It makes me feel giddy! Uggghh.. Now I’m too excited for Christmas. 🙂

And due to so much excitement I made this! I used “Frame Your Life” app in editing this photo. This photo was taken last December. Cyler wore a lady bug costume here, it was a gift from his Ninang Katey. And I don’t know why he gave Cyler a “lady bug” costume and I don’t know either why I let him wore this. Silly Mommy and Ninang. But he looks so adorable in that costume though!

Since this post is all about Christmas, would like to share to y’all my all time favorite Christmas song: “Chestnuts” by Ariana Grande. Her version is really beautiful and her voice is.. O-M-G! It’s a must hear! I sweeaaar! You should listen to this!

This song never fails to brighten up my day, its indeed a wonderful song. Hope it brigthen up your Friday too!

Advance Merry Christmas! Spell ex-ci-ted?! S-H-A! 🙂

How about you? What makes you feel giddy about Christmas?

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