All I Want For Christmas

..are these! Since Christmas is just around the corner I’ll posting my top 5 picks I’m lusting over this holiday season.

1. iPhone5

I’ve been using my iPhone4 (take note it’s just an iPhone4 not iPhone4s) for two years now and my contract with my provider is about to end soon, but I was planning to get another phone from them which is iPhone5. I just hope they will prioritize my request because we’ve been loyal to them for four years now, although their signal now are hi and lo, hope you get my drift. Anyhoo, I really want this smart phone because it was proven and tested by me. I have everything in this phone– I can check my emails, social sites, blog in, blog out, capture unforgettable moments when my camera is not around, it’s Cyler’s boredom savior, of course I can call and text here, yadah-yadah!

Photo grabbed from

2. Room Makeover!

Our room is such a big mess, everything are not in place and it doesn’t even have wall paint at all. Oh well, that’s the main problem when you leave with your in-laws, you can’t do whatever you wanna do to your room because it’s not yours. *sigh* Anyhoo, I really want to add up some color and life in our room because that’s the only place where we have our own privacy. Below are the colors that I want to try but still undecided, maybe you can help me choose. I want something bright and looks really homey.

Photo grabbed from Google

Photo grabbed from Google

Photo grabbed from the site written in the photo.

3. A pair of Boots

Shoes are my weakness, blame my sassy-ness! I admit I’m a sucker for them! Oh my, I hate that I love shoes! But don’t get me wrong, I only buy shoes when it’s affordable and on sale, aside from that I’m still a girl, hindi lang talaga halata. I only buy shoes three to four times a year, yun nga lang isang bagsakan– mga 5pairs sa isang bilihan! LOL! Pero sale yun, ok?! 😛 #DefensiveMuch

Aldo’s Kibel Boots

Kibel, keribels ba kita?! 😛

Aldo’s Brotzman Boots

Ay naku bet na bet ko ‘to! Makabili nga ng 5pairs in different colors! LOL

Aldo’s Miggins Boots

Giraffe lang ang peg! Pero bet ko din ‘to! Lahat na!

4. Non-sticky PAN

Our pan here in the house are so kopong- kopong already, but who am I to grouch? I know its not our own house nor our own kitchen, nakiki-gamit lang po ako. Hehe And I guess, I really need this one for my cooking experiment especially for my pasta dishes.

5. Wardrobe closet

Me and hubby are sharing in one cabinet, can you imagine that?! Actually most of the clothes in the cabinet are mine, some of the clothes are hang outside the room, so it just gather dust. We’ve planned to buy cabinet ever since we got married but the main problem is we don’t have enough space for a new cabinet. Now how in the world is that?! I don’t know but I do believe that we really need this.

I guess my Christmas wish list are achievable and doable naman, so Santa if you’re reading this post of mine please grant my wishes. Demanding lang ang peg noh?! Haha! No but seriously I really want to have all these things because it’s not only for myself but for my family also. And who knows maybe when Cyler is old enough (so that’s three-four years from now) will gonna buy our own house and I will add our dream house on my future Christmas wish list. So help us God. 🙂

How about you? Have you list down your Christmas wish list already? What is it? Share your thoughts with me, amiga’s! I’d love to hear from you! 🙂

5 thoughts on “All I Want For Christmas

  1. hello mommy sha! 🙂 all of these, nasa list ko rin!!!! 😀 hehehe

    i have 3 days to prepare na lang for my boy’s 1st bday… ka-crazy kasi 2days ago lang ngbackout yung friend naming guitarist nyaaaa!!! so i have to make some changes, from an acoustic guitar theme to wala na… hehehe i just have 1 goal in mind, that the little buddy will be shouting and laughing his heart out on his day… so bonggang bonggang games ang ending… 🙂

    • Apir Charm!

      Anyhoo, naku that’s normal madami talagang show stopper pero the party must go on with or without the guitarist! Kung pede lang ako, ako nalang! chos! pero ndi ako marunong mag play ng guitar. Haha!
      But I know magiging super kaduper happy pa din ang 1st birthday party na yan! What matters most is that the birthday boy will enjoy and have fun. 🙂

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