My Toddler’s Little Dream

All people have hopes and dreams in life– black or white, rich or poor, with or without teeth, all have the same drive and desire to live life in the best way they see possible. When I was a little kid I dreamed to be a….. Nun! Hey wait! Don’t laugh, it may sound funny but hey no kidding! I really wanna be a nun, you know why? Kasi when I was in grade 1 we had catechism once a week and our catechist was a Nun, her name is sister Teresa. I admire her a lot because she’s so kindhearted and very approachable. I gave her a bookmark for her bible, I gave it to her on our last day of catechism, from then I told myself that I want to be like her. Ayun, hindi natupad! Hahaha! What do you expect?! LOL! Pag nagkataon ako lang ang kikay sa kumbento! Paktay na! Haha! But I’m still glad even if it didn’t happen because God gave me the greatest job on earth, which of course being a mom to my cutie patootie, Cyler. 🙂

And speaking of my son, Cyler has his own dream too. I know he has, I can see it and I can feel it.

You can also see it just by looking at these photos.

1. Balot Vendor

Balooot! Bili na kayo ng baloot!

Balot o penoy?! 😛

2. Mr. Postman

Our camera bag turned into a messenger bag!

F na F ng bagets ang camera-slash-messenger bag diba?! 🙂

3.  The Magbobote

Hmmm.. pwede pa kaya ‘tong bote na’to?!

Pwede pa! Matibay! Kikita ako dito! LOL

 Oh my gulay, anak! Parang gusto kong mag cartwheel sa tuwa! Your so cute, witty, adorable, smart, charming, kindhearted, funny, lovable, kissable, unkabogable, lahat na! Sweetheart, you can be whatever you want to be as long as your happy and it’s decent then go for it! Mommy and Daddy will always be here to support and guide you in every step of your life.  We love you so mucho!

And that’s it! Baka mapa-emote pa ko ng bonggang bongga dito! LOL!


4 thoughts on “My Toddler’s Little Dream

  1. we are such stagemoms deary! hihihihi 🙂 but who wouldn’t di ba when our boys are the most adorable in the whole wide universe!!! hihihihi

    hay cant blog about the bday pa… anniv week sa office so ubusan talaga muna ng oras… but next week, blog marathon na ako hehehe ;D

    • Hi Charm! Korak! Stagemom na stagemom talaga ang peg! LOL

      Anyhoo, How’s the party?! Tiring but super enjoy noh? I so love birthday parties!!! Can’t wait to read your post about Baby Pao’s bday! 🙂

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