Poor Little ToothBrush

Oh my gosh! I can’t believe that these things are happening to us, I mean to my toddler. I only see this kind of scenario with my fellow mom bloggers but now it’s happening to my own child. Graaabee! Fellow momma’s, please don’t let your toddler brush their teeth by themselves and please supervise them (always) while they brushing their teeth BECAUSE….

they might end up brushing the floor or the wall instead. Yikes! Now this is what happened to Cyler’s toothbrush after he brushed the floor, the wall, and the fan using this.. yes only this.. poor little toothbrush. 😛

Luminis nga ang floor at ang wall.. dumumi naman ang toothbrush! Wenk! Ang sipag talaga ng anak ko pati kwarto namin nilinis! LOL!

Cyler loves brushing his teeth a lot, that’s why most of the time I let him brush his teeth on his own (after I brush it) but I didn’t expect that he will use this toothbrush the other way around. Geez! Very good, anak! LOL!

Lesson learned: Do not leave your toddler unattended (to the Nth time!).


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