A Sweet Surprise From My Boys!

Don’t you just love surprises?! I definitely love it and I bet everyone else loves it too! Sino ba namang hindi, diba?! Naman! Yesterday, my boys surprised Mom-me! It was morning then when I saw something different inside my bag, it wasn’t fishy but it catched my whole attention because I know this thing doesn’t belong to me. And guess what, I found out that my bag was played by someone else when I am not around. And I bet you all know who is the culprit…. yes, it’s my toddler.

Cyler: Mommy guess what?! I have a surprise for you!

Mommy: You do? What could it be?!

Look closely inside my bag, can you guess what it is?!

He left his….. drumstick on Mommy’s bag! Such a silly and sweet little boy! Oh what joy! Can you feel how surprised I was?! Abot langit!

I bet the reason why he left it in my bag is because he wants Mommy to remember him all the time. Sweetie, your always in my mind and in my heart every seconds of my life, no matter what I’m doing and wherever I go your the only one that I could think of. That’s how I love you, sweetheart.

But the question is… Anong gagawin ni Mommy sa drumstick?! Next time anak ilagay mo na din ung drum para magamit ko naman yung drumstick. Sayang effort mo eh. LOL

And oh but wait there’s more! Daddy has a surprise for Mommy too! Di ata magpapahuli si Daddy!

The hubby gave me a VS Body Mist. He gave it to me yesterday morning before we go to work, and I was really surprised because he gave it to me out
of the blue. It seldom happens that’s why I feel glad, happy and was really surprised kasi nuknukan ng kuripot yang asawa ko! As in! But then he knew that I love perfumes and body mist so much that’s why he gave me one although I still have lots of perfumes stock in our cabinet. I really thought that he was just joking around and making fun of me(because he always bully me!) but I am wrong. From that moment I felt like I have butterflies on my tummy, lakas maka highschool ng feeling, kinilig ako ng bonggang bongga! I hugged him tight and whisper… “Nagdidiliryo kaba, Hon?”. Hehe

Pero napaisip ako bigla.. baka ang baho ko kaya nya ko binigyan ng pabango! LOL!

I know, I know these are just material things but it was extra-bonggels and special for me because it came from my boys, my true love, my family. My life. My joy. My happiness. My heart. My everything. And nothing really beat that! Thank you guys for surprising Mom-me! I really appreciate it! Oh how I love you so!!!!! *group hug*

P.S Thank you Lord for bringing joy into my life. And thank you for giving me a wonderful and happy family. My very loving husband, Cj and our happy active baby, Cyler is too much blessing and I could not ask for more. I O U a lot! Thanks again!

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