What’s Up?! What’s up?!

Hi guys! How’s your weekend?! Hope you had a great one! I haven’t posted anything since my last post (that was four days ago), so I would like to give you a quick update with me and my family. We had a very tiring but tremendously wonderful weekend! We went to our dear friend’s house blessing last Saturday at Cavite and yesterday we just stayed at home. Our trip to Cavite last Saturday was really great, we we’re able to catched up with Cj’s former office mates, it was like a mini-reunion because it’s been a long time since we saw each other. Cyler gained more friends, and you know what’s funny? All kids called him baby because he is the youngest kid there. I’ll make a different post about that because it deserves to be remember, for the mean time here’s the photos that I posted in IG. If you’re following me on IG I’m pretty sure you know where am I and what I’m doing that day. Hehe

Cam whoring while on our way to Cavite!

Pati table cloth walang ligtas! Hehe

Spell F-U-N!

Family picture, of course! Kailangan anak nakahatak sa bling-bling ni Mommy?!

Playing with the other kids! Puro girls nga lang! Teehee!

Yesterday, I’ve done a lot of cooking and had a non-stop playtime with Cyler. Eat, sleep, and play– that’s what we did yesterday. I’m too busy with my toddler that’s why I wasn’t able to make a blog post. It was really tiring but self fulfilling, yes indeed. And you know what makes me really happy? I made two dishes yesterday, one Filipino cuisine and the other one is Mexican cuisine (naks! Parang tunay!). This dish is so easy to cook and to prepare, di man lang ako pinagpawisan ng konti… pawis na pawis na pawis lang! LOL! Here’s the photos that I posted in IG yesterday, don’t worry I’ll make a different post for the recipe, so watch out for that!

Cyler wore his jumper for the very first time! And I found it really cute! This jumper was a birthday gift to him, I almost forgot that he had this jumper buti nalang talaga I saw it bago pa nya mapag liitan, sayang naman. Daba?

Cheese quesadilla in the house! Marimar..aw!

Finaly I was able to cook gising gising! It was a semi-fail gising gising though. You know why?… Just wait for my post about this dish! Hahaha!

Ok kaba tyan? Everyday OK!

So there you go, this is just a glimpse of our weekend! I’ve got so many things to share but so little time to blog out. If I only have all the time in the world! But I’ll try to do it tonight… so help me God. And oh btw, I’m sooo excited and looking forward for the long weekend (because we have an out of town trip together with our friends) and for Cyler’s first ever trick or treat this coming Thursday at his Daddy’s office!!!!! Gosh! I’m so eggcited for him and I just can’t hide it! I wish it’s Thursday already. Hehe

How about you? What did you do last weekend? Share it with me, I’m glad to hear from you!

And oh don’t forget to start your day with a prayer! Have a blessed and happy weekdays everyone! 🙂


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