Lunch Date with Mars and Maqui!

Yesterday was indeed a special day for me because I had an instant lunch date with my fellow pretty mom blogger’s, Mars and Maqui! Maqui left a comment in my previous post and told me that she will be working in Makati yesterday, and she asked me if we can meet, walang keme-keme gorabels agad ang lola ninyo! Since Mars’ office is one kembot away from my office we asked her to join too. And so our instant lunch date began. I was so giddy and hyperventilating for this lunch date because it was my first time to meet these gorgeous momma’s! Gosh!!

Mars is the mom blogger behind Planet Marsy while Maqui is the mom blogger behind Familia Kiki, like me they also share their momventures, I bet you knew them already. I must say they we’re both pretty(naman!), very accomodating, very motherly, kindhearted, and fun to be with! There is no dull moment with these ladies and it feels like I have known them for so long maybe because I always read their blog. Parang long lost friend lang ang drama ko when I saw them yesterday. I can’t help but to make daldal the entire time, it was bitin though. Dibale bawi tau sa Christmas Party natin!

20121024-173746.jpg Here’s my fellow pretty momma’s, Maqui and Mars!

I brought them at Chilli Peppers along Valero here in Makati since our office’s are located in Paseo. They serve affordable and really good meals here in Chilli Peppers. They usually serve Filipino cuisine or lutong bahay here, so we ordered beef rice (good for 2-3 persons), 2 laing, and pork with mushroom (I forgot the name of this dish). And we only pay Php400 pesos. Their laing is a must try because it was delectable delish! We we’re so busy catching up that I forgot to take photos of the food. Anyhoo, kung madami kang gutom this is the perfect place for you, believe me!

This is the only thing that we left behind. Partida busy pa kami nyan kaka-chika! Let the picture do the talking.

20121024-173133.jpg Errrr.. di kami gutom ah! :p

It’s just sad because our time is very limited, if only we have all the time in the world.. for sure magchi-chikahan kami ng bonggang bongga! We shared our stories about motherhood, parenting style, dilemma’s as a working mom, we even talked about about our dearest pedia Doc Vienne Saulog (di pwdeng mawala yan sa kwentuhan! LOL), work, and even love life! Even for a short period of time we we’re able to talked about almost everything, I guess most Mom’s are really good when it comes to time management. Agree, mudrabels? Before we part ways nag photo shoot muna kami, of course! LOL

20121024-173721.jpg I feel so old in this photo that’s why I decided to remove my eye glasses. Muka akong Lola ni Mars at Maqui dito! LOL

20121024-174229.jpg And when I removed my eye glasses I didn’t notice na sablay na pala ang kuha ko, naputol ang face ni Maqui, oops! Sorry, blame my poor eyesight!

My gulay! I really had a great time! I didn’t realized that meeting my fellow mom blogger’s would be so much fun! It was nice bumping into you, Mars and Maqui! Till our next lunch date and grand play date! I can’t wait for it! Ayan na-excite nanaman ako! Teehee! 🙂

Attention: Calling all mom bloggers out there! We are planning to have a “Mom Bloggers Christmas Party” on November 30,2012. If you’re interested please feel free to join, we will be posting more of the details soon! So watch out for that! Don’t be shy, please come and join us! Everyone is welcome! 🙂


12 thoughts on “Lunch Date with Mars and Maqui!

    • Waaa! Sana makasama kayo Em! I wanna meet you and Akira in person!!! Parang superstar lang ang peg noh?! LOL

      No, but seriously sana makapunta kau Em! We’ll pray na sana makasama kau!

      Award talaga? My gulay di ako ready teh! Di man lang ako nakapag gown! Chos!

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