A Momo-licious Dinner with Friends

Momo Cafe is located at Ayala Triangle Gardens along Ayala Avenue, this restaurant is just one cart-wheel away from my office and this is my second time to dine here. I must say that this resto never fails to satisfy my taste buds. Two weeks ago my husband, Cj and my friend, Jim celebrated their birthday here. Actually, my husband’s birthday was last September, if you’re an avid reader of this blog I bet you read my post about Cj’s birthday treat at Esprimere Italian Deli in Ortigas. While on the other hand, Jim’s birthday was last April pa, so this is definitely a super kaduper post birthday treat from them. Oh well, it’s better than never, right?!

Moving on with the cafe, I’ve read lots of rave reviews about Momo Cafe and I must admit that I totally agree with them. I love the modern interior and cozy ambiance of the whole place that attracts people to dine here. I like the details of their furniture that really shows how they spend time decorating it, not to mention the delicious foods that they serve. To sum it up Momo Cafe is definitely eye candy.

We arrived at 7pm-ish and waited for about 30minutes since the place was jam pack. My son definitely loves grasses and tree’s, so while waiting I let him ran around the park.

Cj and I took turns looking after Cyler. Ang ending kami ang pagod na pagod kahabol sa kanya. LOL

And of course, we took some group pictures while we’re all waiting.

Outfit of the Day: Stripes it all!

Outfit Details: Dress from Petit Mode and White Flats from Charles and Keith

They used to serve complimentary bread with cheese pimento and complimentary errr..choc nut to get you started. We got lots of choc nut’s, plus may take home pa! LOL

And here’s what we order, forgive me but I forgot to list down the name of the dishes. So all you can see here are the photos and my comments. 🙂

We all ordered shakes. I soo love their mango shake because it has a right amount of sweetness and you can really taste the mango unlike the other mango shake I have tasted before. So far there’s only two mango shake’s that pass my criteria, the mango shake in Binondo and their mango shake here in Momo Cafe.

This is one of my favorite dish here, it’s a beef tapa with fries and fried pork mixed with cheese and garlic. The beef tapa was cooked tender and has a great amount of sweetness and saltiness in every bite. For me this dish is perfect appetizer!

This one is a calamari with different deeps like vinegar, tomato ketchup, and mayo. I found the squid really soft and I really liked it.

Of course, baked mac is one of my favorite! I love the white sauce in the center although I really don’t know what it is. It’s super creamy and very tasty that goes really well with the pasta and the red sauce.

Bolognese is my husband’s favorite, he ordered this dish of course. The meat balls are cooked tender unlike the other meat balls that I have tasted before.

The seafood pasta wasn’t malansa (what’s the english of malansa?) and there’s no “umay” factor when I tasted it.

I was the one who ordered this pesto pizza but sad to say I wasn’t able to taste it because I was so full. My tummy is really heavy and I can’t eat anymore. Geez! Katakawan kasi! But my friend said that the pesto pizza has a rotten taste, so you need to splash and squeeze some lemon on it to reduce the rotten taste of it.

I didn’t tasted the sausage but my friend, Yen said that it was a sinful but delish dish.

As you can see they’ve got generous amount of servings that’s good for sharing. I made a mistake because I told my friends that they have small serving here because that’s what I experienced when I first dine here. So we ordered food that supposed to be for individual but we ended up sharing it to one another because of the big servings. Hehe Sorry guys, I know it’s my fault.

Anyhoo, their pasta dishes we’re cooked al dente and the sauce’s really goes well with it. I must say all their food was delectable delish! The meat of the beef steak was really juicy and tender. I didn’t hear any complains coming from my friends except that we waited for thirty minutes. I guess it’s worth the wait. The prices of the food ranges from Php200- Php500 which is not bad considering that they serve really good food with great amount of servings. It’s definitely worth every penny!

Here we are after our sumptuous dinner.

From Left-to-Right: Rackell (Ian’s wife), Biboy, Yen, Mich, Jim, Chino (new member of our group), Me, Cj, and Ian.

The restaurant is definitely refreshing, inviting, and absolutely MoMo-licious. We will definitely go back here! Before we go home we stayed at Coffee Bean Tea Leaf for another hour so we can chit-chat more! It was definitely a great night for all of us! 🙂

Di naman obvious, diba? Ligayang ligaya lang ang mga peg! 🙂

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