Toddler Bloopers (Part 1)

The funniest kids are toddlers (agree Mommies?) because they’re old enough to be able to do something, but young enough to understand what they’re really doing or saying. They acts naturally as if they doesn’t care at all. At 18 months old, Cyler has some words and phrases which don’t sound quite as they should yet! He say the darndest things and acts really funny, although he doesn’t really mean it. I have lots of funny moment with my toddler and I wanted to share it with y’all!


The Tale of Uu

Me: Cyler, please don’t play the electric fan!

Cyler: Uu! Uuuuu!

Me: Huwaat?! What do you mean uu?! (Me thinks he’s pooping or something because he always say “uu” or “poopoo” every time he poops!)

Cyler: Yes! Yes! He looked back at me and shot me with “did you get my drift?” look.

Then he suddenly stopped playing the electric fan.

Me: Ahhh…. ok! Sorry, Mommy didn’t understand you.

At the back of my mind: Simple tagalog, I cannot understand. How did I pass my Filipino subject back then?! LOL!

At the end… ako pa ang mali at hindi makaintindi! *sigh*


Reverse Psychology

Me: Cyler, stop that! Stop! (with matching taas kilay!)

Cyler: Stop! Stop! Mommy! Stop!

Me: Ok… I kept my mouth shut and paused for awhile…. Hey, why are you stopping me?! You supposed to stop and listen to me, I’m your Mom!


The singer-slash-composer toddler

Cyler while singing the Alphabet song…

Cyler: A B C D E F G H I J K L…. M.. N..L…N…M..N…L..N..N…O P!

Me: Tongue twister ‘eh?Ang hirap nga naman kasi kantahin nung part na LMNOP!

Cyler: Q R S T U V… wawa you(W)… ehtz(X)… Y Z! Yay!

Me: Wawa you?! Ehtz?!

Oha! Singer na, song writer pa! He was seriously singing but we ended up laughing. Sorry, sweetie! He has video of this, I’ll upload it here one of these days.


The Resourceful Toddler

Me: Byee, Cyler! Mommy will going to work now. See you later! Love yoouuu! I Hugged and kissed him tightly!

He was clinging to my neck like a crazy monkey, so I don’t have any choice but to carry him.

Cyler: Papa! Papa! (calling his Daddy)

Cj: Yes, baby?

Cyler: Bye! Bye! See you!

Cj and I: Hmmm.. And where do you think your going?!

Toink! That’s what we called resourcefulness! May balak palang sumama ang bata! Para-paraan din! 😛


Bedtime Scenario

While I’m tucking Cyler in bed.

Me: Goodnight, baby!

Cyler: Night! Night! See you!

Me: Goodnight, let’s sleep now.

After 3seconds…

Cyler: Night! Night! See you!

Then he suddenly stood up, went down to the bed and left me at the bed. Anyare?! And I realized, he was the one who’s tucking me in bed! Aww! Baliktad pala!

Naku! Naku! Naku! Manang mana sa pinagmanahan!


The End

Actually, we have LOTS of funny moments with my toddler and I lost count already. And I don’t know if I will consider that as a milestones. I just am so happy that he knows how to communicate now… wag lang talaga mamimilosopo! I don’t know if I can take it most especially pag nag tandem na silang mag-ama! Wew!

Happy long weekend, everyone!


Tagaytay Food Trip: Buon Giorno!

This post is part of our Tagaytay trip backlogs, so please please bear with me. If you miss my previous post about our first Tagaytay food trip you can read it here. Our second destination in Tagaytay was The Cliff House, it’s one of my favorite place here! The place is relatively unpopulated, perfect for all foodie (like me), and scenic. If you’re looking for a romantic place to go here in Tagaytay with great view of Taal Volcano, I highly recommend The Cliff House! The place is way better and indeed romantic at night (read the story here )! It was my second time here, and I suggested this place to my friends. They instantly fell inlove to this lovely place! This is just a few meters away from Leslie’s and Magallanes square, you need to have a keen eye for you to see this place because of it’s unnoticeable and simple signage outside the highway. Cyler loves the place so much because of it’s wide space for running, Cj and I took turns in chasing him! We are forever running after Cyler! Oh boy, he is such a handful!

The Cliffhouse is the perfect pit stop when you opt to relax, breath, meditate, eat, and bond with your family and friends! Nothing beat the fresh air and great view of Taal Volcano! Not to mention the cold breeze!

Here’s some of our photos that I wanted to share with y’all! Hope it lighten up your busy day! 🙂

View of Taal Volcano from the Cliff House

Emoterong Frog in the Cliff house!

Photo shoot at the posh bench!

The Certified Lakwatsera and Lakwatsero’s!

Here’s Buon Giorno by day!

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Cyler Fancy These

…toy cars in different color, size, and shape! This too fast, too curious toddler is so much in love with these toy cars. This is his new fascination. He goes gaga over these toy cars! Most of the toy cars came from her Tita Ninang (my SIL), I got some of this from happy meals, and some are birthday gifts to him.

He’s so into these toys! In fact, it’s the first thing that he grabs in the morning.

And he used to play with it even when it’s milk time.

Sometimes he uses his hand as a road. His imagination and creativity are getting better and better nowadays.

And he couldn’t sleep without this! He’s indeed a sucker for these fancy little toys!

Now I’m thinking for a car theme on his 2nd birthday! Cliche but that’s how fascinated this little boy is with these toy cars!

My too fast, too curious toddler, Cyler! 🙂

How about you? What’s your kid’s latest fascination? 🙂

KMS Cooks: Tuna Pesto Pasta Ala Kikay Mommy Sha

Oh-my-gulay! It’s been a long time since I cook! Boy oh boy, I can’t imagine life without this cooking errands! The last dish I cooked was gising-gising (read the recipe here) and that was one month ago! I was insanely busy (and lazy) these past few weeks! I know, I know lame excuses! But that’s true though. Anyhoo, last Monday I took a leave from work and was able to cook again after 48years! LOL! Nabuhay nanaman ang natutulog kong “CHEF” na kaluluwa! PAK!

Before we begin cooking, let me tell you briefly on how did I come up with this dish. While I’m thinking what to cook, I checked our pantry and found a pesto sauce in the shelves. I bought that pesto sauce three weeks ago but I wasn’t able to cook it or even touch it. Geez! I hate to say this but that’s how lazy I am! Good thing we have century tuna in the shelves too. And so I decided to cook tuna pesto pasta. If you’re an avid reader (naks!) of this blog, for sure you know that I’m a sucker for pasta! I love pasta dishes so much not because of the carbs (of course!) but because it’s really yummy, healthy, and easy to prepare and to cook. It’s very minimalistic. Like what I’m always telling you.

Good thing, the husband was able to master how to cook pasta al dente already. Because hubby is always in charge of cooking the pasta while I’m in charge of cooking the sauce. Yes, we share our loads with each other, aside from eating, cooking is one of our bonding time too. I usually cook red pasta sauce and it was my first time to try something new, so I was kinda experimenting here.

Here’s watchunid, baby!

• Olive Oil
• Lenguine Pasta (not included in the photo)
• Tuna
• Onion (finely chopped)
• Garlic (finely chopped)
• Basil
• Pesto Sauce (I used Clara ‘Ole here)
• Rosemary herbs
• Parmesan Cheese

And here’s the super EZ-PZ steps, baby!
1. Saute garlic and onion in a pan.
2. Reduce to medium heat, add tuna and pesto sauce. Mix well. Let it simmer 5 minutes.
3. Sprinkle more basil and rosemary herbs for richer aroma and yummy taste. Add salt and pepper to taste.
4. Add pesto to cooked pasta. Toss to combine.
5. And tadaah! Serve with smile! Best serve with garlic bread and sprinkle some parmesan cheese!

Bonus Tip: When cooking pasta, always use a good quantity of water to prevent pasta from sticking. You can add pine nuts to your ingredients too. And if you have plenty of time you can use fresh basil leaves to your sauce. Just place it in blender or food processor. And also, you can use all purpose cream for more creamier and yummier sauce! Oh andaming tip ah! Next time may bayad na! Joke! :p

Ladies, gays, and gentlemen! I am proud to present my Tuna Pesto Pasta Ala Kikay Mommy Sha!

(insert Gangnam Style song here!)


I know what you’re thinking.. bagsak nanaman sa plating! Please disregard the plating because it was really delish (peksman!) that my husband had this for his merienda, dinner, and midnight snack! And my sister, Isang had 3 servings of this! Good thing, I was able to keep a little for myself and brought some left-over pasta for my baon (lunch). Wew! My closest friends was able to taste it too (kahit tikim lang!) and they said it were really yummy kaso… bitin!

Need I say more? 🙂

Try it! For sure your family and friends will gonna love it too! You can cook this dish in no time! And it’s perfect for all types of occasion (even for staycation!) most especially this holiday season!

Happy cooking, baby! 🙂

I Have an Amazing Reader: Kemi

Who would’ve thought that this blog will inspire so many people around the world. It never came across my mind that this blog can touch someone’s heart. I started this blog for a reason – I want to document my child’s milestones and tell the whole-wide-world that God gave me the greatest family on earth! Honestly speaking, I’m not a good writer (well, that’s pretty obvious), I only use simple words to describe my feelings and share my family stories. To tell you frankly, when I started this blog I really don’t care if someone’s read my posts…. but that was before. I suddenly realized that I also have the amazing readers on earth who constantly read my posts. Oh yes, I have readers (hindi lang talaga halata!)! And I guess every readers deserves a special recognition because like them they also inspires me A LOT!

Last week, I received an email from my so-called “Reader”, her name is Kemi, a British African who lives in England (totyal!). I was on my way to work when I read her email, I felt giddy and almost cry, I’ve got mixed emotions. And my heart just melted down. Ang hirap pala magpigil ng luha pag nasa loob ka ng LRT! LOL!


Hi there,

How are you and your gorgeous family(I mean that), your family is indeed cute especially your lil boy.
Ok, let me do a quick intro of myself. My name is kemi, I have a lil one just like you but a girl called joanne, she’s 11months n extremely adorable. I live in England. My life is basically surrounded by my hubby n daughter and they mean the whole world to me. I am a christian and I love the Lord(*smile*).

My lil gal is going to be 1yr old in December and about 2weeks ago I started hunting for birthday party/theme ideas online, I was specifically looking for anything on ‘The Big Bugs Band’ as she loveeeeessss them, always dancing and clapping whenever they come on Babytv. And bang on, what did I see, your blog came on. Oh my dayzzzzz(Gulay! In your words…**to show you how much of an addict I am to your blog, I picked up words already lol).

I swear I did not make dinner that night for my hubby(no jokes!lol) as I was sooo glued to it..reading and admiring everything on there, escpecially cyler’s bday theme. I thought to myself, how could someone mirror my thoughts in such a perfect way and even top it with extra buzzing ideas. Hats off to u babes…**u sure rock**. Like you I’m jst a simple gal that’s ready to do the best for my family. Instantly u inspired me, I said to myself I need to step up my game as regards this bday coming cos I have been lazy about it.

I read everything on it and I was inspired by your genuineness. I loved the weekend spa with God that you wrote. It felt like you were talking to/about me, being close to God and worshipping in his presence is soooo refreshing but sometimes we just get carried away with the affairs of life and we forget to give him time(I’m very guilty of that). But thank God for his grace and mercy that is sufficient for us all.

My hubby is very adventurous with food so, Yes! I have stolen/borrowed some of your recipes..loll. I’m sure you don’t mind..*wink*.

You gave so much details of your suppliers that no one could go wrong contacting them. It was indeed helpful. I even contacted pixie pen to make loot bags and some other party favours(Bugs Band theme ofcos…**dancing**) for my lil gal. It will cost a fortune printing them here in th UK and besides they mostly print in large quantities, I only need 30pc each of all the items that caught my attention on their website. They welcome international client according to their website. I am indeed desperate and excited to get it done. I know my lil gal will be super excited on the day.

We are adopting most of your styles and ideas for cyler’s theme….e.g colouring book, cupcake toppers and ofcos d loot bag. Loll… I have been in contact with Mau since last week by email and phone and she was happy to do it for me, but unfortunately she got back to me today saying she was in the hospital(God grant her quick recovery) and might not be able to accommodate my orders(**sad face**). I am sooo gutted.

I was wondering if you knew any other cheap but good supplier that could do them for me. I will pay by western union and the goods can be shipped by Fedex to me. Her party is on the 15th of December(I know!, very little time).

I would indeed appreciate your efforts(**smile**). You sure have lovely restaurants in the Phillipines, your pictures make me hungry..loll..

Looking forward to reading more updates on your blog and also hearing from you. I do hope you get a chance to reply.

Best Regards,



Actually, it isn’t the first email that I received from my reader. Her email just melted my heart and made me realize that every reader deserves a special post. And so this time I decided to share it to everyone. Who would’ve thought that this blog will inspire people in the other side of the world?! I just am so speechless, delighted, and overwhelmed. Thank you so much, Kemi for all the kind words. I guess the word thank you is not enough to show how much I appreciate you. I guess you’re right, I have the gorgeous family but that doesn’t include me. Tee hee!

Thank you for constantly reading this blog and please go out on a dinner date with your hubby! My blog can wait, it’s just one click away btw! I know a lot of you have been inspired by my recipes and I’m head over heels for that! For me, my readers are the best cooks! Oh-my-gulay (yes, that’s the word! Btw, gulay is veggies in english)! It’s nice to know that I have an “avid” reader/follower who knows my BLOG by heart, and not just a random visitor who we’re just directed by google. You are such a big blessing to me, Kemi! If only we’re not world apart for sure I’ll definitely meet you in person and hug you!

I’m glad that I inspire you and your family in my own little ways. Who knows maybe someday we’ll meet in person! We never know, right?! Keep me posted about your daughter’s birthday, I’m so excited to see it! And oh, please teach me some British or African dishes! I’d love to try it too! Again, from the bottom of my heart thank you so much to my dear readers! And I love you all!

I may be the worst writer, but one thing is for sure I have an amazing and wonderful readers on earth who constantly reminding me to continue writing ,and who truly appreciates me and my family.

God Bless you all! And lets keep inspiring each another! *Cyber hugs*


And because of this email, it made me realize that I should create an email address just for my readers!
Here goes- email me at! Look at the left side of this site, it’s there!

The Spectacular Christmas Light and Sound Show at Ayala Triangle

 The Ayala Triangle Christmas Light and Sound Show was spectacular! The Ayala Triangle has been actively doing this light show for the past three years. And they never fail to awe the audiences including me, of course. Yesterday, I took my boys at the Ayala triangle to watch this magnificent light show. We are so delighted when we watched the show, it was indeed awesome and great! I’m not really good in taking photos, so you must watch the show and see it yourself. I guess these images wasn’t justifiable. Honestly speaking, I like the light show in the previous year compared to this year’s light show. Anyhoo, it was still awesome!  If you’re here you will feel like you’re in the Avatar movie. Remember, the Pandora Tree of Life in the Avatar movie?! The lights was similar to that! 🙂

With Mommy

Cyler was literally hooked by the lights, as you can see in the photo. He couldn’t take his eyes off to the colorful and blinking Christmas lights. Continue reading

Wedding Anniversary Date at Italiannis

We celebrated our 2nd Wedding Anniversary last Saturday, November 11 ’12 at Italiannis, Glorietta 4. We started the day by attending the mass at Greenbelt 3, after giving thanks to the Lord we headed to Gelatissimo, since the weather was really hot then and I was craving for gelato (don’t worry negative, nag crave lang talaga ako. LOL). #DefensiveMuch I know it’s our wedding anniversary and it should be for the two us but we can’t resist not to bring this little boy with us. He’s the fruit of our love, so I guess he should be part of this celebration. Last year, we had our celebration at Seasons, Manila Pavillion Hotel. We just had a simple buffet dinner together. See photos here.

The scenic view from where we sat

After that we headed to Glorietta for Cyler’s haircut. When we arrived at Cuts for Tots the kiddie salon was really jam-packed already and so we decided to postponed his haircut. We went for shopping instead. We let the little one ran the entire time until he gets tired and fall asleep, para makapag-dinner kami ng bonggang bongga after! When he’s already sleeping we took the chance to have dinner. We decided to dine at Italiannis since that’s the nearest resto to us and while the baby still sleeping. Ika nga nila para-paraan din! LOL!

When it’s just the two of us, we talked about everything under the sun. While we’re waiting for our food to arrive the restaurant’s manager approached us and offered us to avail the Bistro circle discount card. It costs Php1500 that includes lots of perks and freebies to all Bistro group of restaurants, that includes Italiannis. Actually, I’m not interested to buy it but to my surprised the husband wanted to avail the card. Imagine?! My frugalicious husband wanted to buy this discount card! Huuwaat?! Eh nuknukan at ubod ng kuripot yun! As in! And so it has been decided that we will purchased the Bistro discount card. Tapos! Madali naman ako kausap eh. Haha!

Well actually, I must admit that it’s a good discount card because of its freebies and discounts. You can avail a 20% off discount to all Bristo restaurants plus the freebies. After purchasing the card we immediately got the 20% off discount plus the free silican salad! Now how good is that, right?! Indeed this Bistro Circle Discount Card comes in handy!

After the negotiation and everything with the discount card finally our food just arrived in perfect time! Of course, a complimentary bread was served while we are waiting.

Complimentary bread

We ordered the Farmer’s feast, it only costs Php1,125 and consists of Baby back ribs, Herb Roasted Chicken, and flavourful Aglio Olio.

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Yab You!


Last night when we got home Cyler sat on my tummy and said….

Yab You (I love you!)!

Of course, I said I love you tooo, baby! Who am I to refuse those magical words from my toddler?! I sure am glad and thrilled because God gave me the sweetest child in the world!

He hugged me tightly and I hugged him back!


That was his “first” I love you to Mommy! Woo hoo! I wanted to do cartwheels when I heard those precious words to him! That’s the best word that I heard from him and he learned from me! I know for now he was just mimicking my words, but eventually he’ll come to understand what the words mean as he grow up.


Cyler was 6 months old here! This picture was taken last New Year’s eve.

That’s a toddler’s love to his Mother. And a magical moment for me and every mommies out there. Now I understand how it feels when your child tells you I love you, it’s priceless and incomparable!

It makes me wanna sing “I’ve got joy like a river, I’ve got joy like a river in my heart! Hallelujah!” 🙂

How about you? When did your child first say “I love you”? 🙂

Happy Staycation!

One long weekend a couple of weeks ago (yes, this is part of our family trips backlogs), we went to Antipolo (my howetown) and stayed at Mama’s place. We arrived there at Friday afternoon then we went back to Manila on Saturday afternoon. We stayed there for two days and 1 night only because we need to go back to Manila before Sunday morning as Cj has to work on that day. BOOOO! Our stay there was full of fun although we stayed for two days only. We just maximized our time with the whole family.

When we arrived, I immediately cooked my eggplant parmigiana (check the recipe here) because it’s my nephew’s 10th Birthday and they requested for it. We had a birthday cake, macaroons, pasta, and prepared some fruit salad for his birthday, and viola! We had a simple, fun-filled, and crazy celebration for his 10th birthday. The birthday celebrant, Steffano is my eldest nephew and the first grandson of Mama.

Meet the birthday boy, Steffano (a.k.a Panong)!

Mama together with her grandson’s (Cyler, Steffano, Melo) and her one and only granddaughter (Civ)!

The family was almost complete, sad to say my eldest sister wasn’t there because she’s currently working in Saudi as a nurse. But her hubby and son was there to celebrate with us, which is good. I miss my nephew’s and niece so much! Oh-my-gulay! Having two toddlers in the house was a riot! They we’re running, yelling, dancing, jumping, yadah-yadah! It seemed like there’s a chaos, it’s crazy but everybody’s happy especially the birthday celebrant.

Cousin’s playing around the house

After the celebration, we visited my maternal grandfather’s grave. We prayed and stay there for awhile. After that we headed to Ynare’s Center where there is a mini-carnival, food, and bazaar! Well that sent chills to my spine! The kids we’re so excited for the rides while the kids at heart (especially me!) we’re so excited for the bazaar!

20121114-190419.jpg It was their first time to go here!

20121114-190434.jpg My family! Yes, I have a big family and I love it! 🙂

20121114-190451.jpg Dresses = Happiness & Kikayness!

20121114-191241.jpg Random things that you can see at Ynare’s Center

This place is one of my favorite place here in Antipolo once the Christmas season comes over. I used to go here together with my family and friends back then. And it never fails to make us feel happy and giddy! Actually, I’m not into the rides(I shudder and faint everytime I ride), I’m really into the foods and tiangge (Filipino term for bazaar), of course! Oh how I miss this place and everything about it. We had our dinner here, we had chicken and pork barbecue’s! I so love the chicken bbq and the liempo, it was a sinful but delectable delish dish! Sad to say I wasn’t able to take photos of it because I’m darn excited to eat it! We decided to go home after our sumptuous barbecue dinner because the kiddos we’re already tired.

The sad part is I wasn’t able to visit all the stores. LOL! Oh yes, the shoppingera in me was talking here. But I was able to purchased one dress for 350 bucks, necklace for 100 bucks, cap for Cyler (the one his wearing in the above images) for 75 bucks with name engraved on it, and toys for my nephew and niece for 20 bucks only. I guess that’s way cheaper compare to the mall, right?!

The morning came and it’s time to go home. Hay. Overall, we all had fun and had a great time. We’ll surely do it on December when we go back there. And this time I’ll make sure I’ll visit all the stores! Tee hee!

Don’t we just love long weekends?! 🙂

Happy Friday, everyone! 😉

Weekend Booksale With My Toddler


Last Saturday we went to SM San Lazaro for our weekly grocery and for Cj’s new hairdo. When we arrived at the mall we headed to the salon first, while Cyler and I are waiting for his Daddy I decided to go visit Booksale. Cyler was sleeping then and I was carrying him in my arms the entire time since we decided not to bring his stroller that time. When we entered the book store he suddenly woke up and was surprised, amazed, and fascinated to the mountains of books that he saw inside the book store. He wanted to go down immediately and I couldn’t afford of carrying him anymore because he’s really heavy (and I’m so small), so I decided to put him down. Thing is, he will run for sure, so I decided to put him down… at the bookshelf instead.


Well, well let’s just say he pretended to be a salesman and guess what?! He was handing out the books to every people that he saw inside the book store! Kahit ako hindi nakaligtas! My gulay! He was rushing and giggling while he’s doing that thing. I was on guard of course in case he decides to throw all the books or jump on the floor.

Now here’s our booksale loots!

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The Little Merman

Cyler loves the water so much, as a matter of fact he used to stay at the bathroom for 30-40 minutes when he takes a bath! Dinaig pako! There are times when we don’t have any choice but to force him to leave the bathroom. As in! My gulay! Most of the time he pretends like he’s in the swimming pool and dip his head into the water like he was literally swimming and going under the water. Now that’s my toddler’s random imagination.


Look how he loves the water so mucho (Please don’t mind his facial expression here because that’s his natural look! Hehe)! He likes everything about the water! Kahit sa timba masaya na ang bagets! 🙂

Suffice to say, he is definitely a little merman. Oh well, it’s pretty obvious in the photo. 🙂

Top Of The World!

Today is our 2nd wedding anniversary! I can’t believe that two years have already passed, it feels like we got married yesterday. Time flies so fast! My gulay! Actually, I really don’t know where or how to start this post, I feel so overwhelmed and I feel grateful. I feel like I’m on the top of the world right now. Life has been so good to us although I must admit that we’ve been into our lowest low, but still here we are alive and kickin’!

We’ve been girlfriend/boyfriend for 3 1/2 years before we got married. We met each other through Yahoo Messenger, cliché but for me it’s destiny. He courted me a couple of times but I always turned him down because I’m not ready for a long distance relationship. I live in Antipolo back then and he lives in Caloocan, so can you imagine the distance?! He was working already and I was in my 3rd year in college when we became couples, that was year….uhmmm… secret! LOL! Ang kulit eh so sinagot ko na! We already talked about getting married but before it happened we found out that I’m pregnant with Cyler. Everything happened in a flash! I know, I know. I was surprised and thrilled on the pace of the events, but I feel grateful about it and will be forever grateful! Everybody was happy and excited about it, especially the two of us! It’s a blessing in disguise! Life is indeed full of surprises, I must say. Everything was like rushing as if there’s a bigger climax that’s coming in. November 11, 2010 was our wedding date, we had a simple yet a very solemn civil wedding. We shouldered all the expenses in our wedding and we didn’t ask anything from our parents, which I think was the best thing we did. We may not have a posh and fab church wedding, but our wedding day was truly filled with so much love. All our family and closest friends are there to celebrate that very special day with us. That day is one of the most memorable and best day of my life! And I thank God for it.

I grew up in a broken family , I must admit that I’m scared of getting married and having my own family. There are lots of what if ‘s running in my mind but Cj proved that as long as we have each other and God is the center of our relationship, it will not gonna happen to us. Not even in a glimpse. He may not be the perfect person in the eyes of the others but for me he’s heaven-sent from above. We’ve got a lot of differences but still we jive! I guess the only key is acceptance on top of love and trust. He’s a die-hard fan of PBA, I’m not. He likes K-Pop, I don’t like it either. But we both love RNB and dancing though. He doesn’t eat veggies, I do. He’s sporty, I’m not, in fact I don’t know how to play any sports. Pakantahin at pasayawin nio nalang ako please. But most importantly we both laugh on our corny jokes! See our differences? We’re really opposite, but that’s the power of acceptance.

Until now I still don’t know what’s the secret of a successful marriage because I believe that where just getting started. But I do believe that as long as God is within us and around us, we will gonna conquer everything! And we will fight, fight, fight for love and for our family! Thanks Hon for being the best father to our son, if I can give you an award everyday, I will! I surely will! And thank you for always staying at my side and for being my best friend and my one true love. Thank you for your kindness, support, and undying love for me. And sorry for the bad things I did to you, for being makulit and pasaway always, and for being moody. I guess the word I love you is not enough to say how much I love you. Believe it or not, your love puts me at the top of the world! Happy 2nd year anniversary, Hon! More wonderful kids to come! LOL! You know I love you and I always will!

Mr and Mrs. Ricafort


San mo ko ide-date?! 🙂

Let The Countdown Begin!

It’s 46 days to go before Christmas! Woo hoo! Truly, Christmas time is almost here, the time when the sounds of carols rang through the air and where Christmas lights shines everywhere. Christmas is my favorite time of the year and I bet it’s your favorite too! The most awaited season of the year is coming, and I’m too excited about it! And you know what makes me more giddy about this season?! (1) Christmas lights, I love seeing these colorful lights in the streets! And it never fails to lift up my mood (2) Reunions! It’s the season where friends and family reunites, right?! (3) Cold breeze! Brrrr! (4) Looong Holiday vacation because it means more time for the family and friend! Woo hoo!

Here are some photos that I recently posted in IG and it’s all about Christmas, Christmas, Christmas!

20121109-163248.jpg Santa Claus is coming to tooown!

20121106-162408.jpg Just four days ago Makati open up the Christmas lights at the streets of Ayala Ave., Paseo de Roxas, and Makati Ave. Isn’t is so lovely?! 🙂

20121106-162702.jpg The angel was sent from God above!


Worry no more because you don’t need to look up in the sky just to see the stars because it’s everywhere here in Makati! It’s within our reach!

20121106-162828.jpg Now this is a different kind of star– the Mega star Sharon Cunets! LOL! Segue segue din! Haha!

20121108-230947.jpg Christmas Book that I purchased for my toddler a few months ago! He really liked it!

20121108-231115.jpg Don’t you just love this Christmas ornaments?! I so love it!

I love looking at the Christmas decor, they always set the mood for the holidays. We haven’t put up any decors yet in our home because we’re still thinking for our color scheme and style for this year. My BIL will be decorating the house, he’s really good at it! I swear! I’ll share it with you once we’re done!

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Now I feel more excited about Christmas after writing this post. And oh before I forgot, the month of November is our wedding anniversary and you know what?! It’s three days to go before our 2nd wedding anniversary! Hooray!!! I don’t have any plans yet, but I just want to have a simple yet romantic dinner with my husband. And you know what? People always say that I’m blooming these past few days, I say happiness is the only secret! Teehee! 🙂

Christmas is the time where everyone is filled with happiness. Hope this photos bring happiness to your heart too!

Happy Friday! 🙂

Batangas Trip: Caleruega Church

Caleruega Church is our second destination in our Batangas trip. Since this church is just 10 minutes drive from Chateau Royale and since the sun was out full blast unlike the other say we decided to dropped by at Caleruega Church. The place was really peaceful and quiet, although there are lot’s of students who are having their field trip at that time. The Church was so beautiful, peaceful, and serene. Oh how I love the fresh air and the smell of the tree’s and the plants surrounding the entire place. I felt like I’m in heaven when I entered the place, but of course heaven is way better than what I saw here. I guess this is one of the best part of our trip, visiting God’s sacred place. I felt like I’m home when I’m here. 🙂

Familia Ricafort

The Caleruega Church

Look at this scenery, it’s definitely breath taking!

Don’t you just love this place?! And look at those tree’s and plants surrounding the entire place, isn’t it so beautiful? 🙂

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Cyler’s List of Spoken Words

My little boy, Cyler is a huge talker! At 17 months old, he learned a lot of words from us (of course!), his parents. At this stage he likes mimicking all the words that we say to him and even the words that he hears in the TV, so we have to be careful in our words and we are now limiting the channel’s that he used to watch in the TV. He learned some of the words through his favorite Cartoons and some words he learned from his favorite Apps in my iPhone. My husband would always tell me that one of the things that Cyler inherited from me is my kadaldalan. Of all the things yan talaga yung nakuha nya sakin but his a bit quiet when there’s a stranger around. Shy type tulad ko! LOL! My office mates says that Cyler has a british accent, yes he has, but of course he didn’t learned that accent from me and probably not to his daddy, I guess he got that accent from watching cartoons at BabyTv channel.


Now aside from reciting the alphabets, so far here are Cyler’s list of spoken words at 17 months old.

1. Apple
2. Airplane
3. Bow-bow (Rainbow)
4. Cars
5. Yes!
6. Wow!
7. Night! Night! (Goodnight!)
8. See you!
9. Bye! Bye!
10. Truck
11. Mama (He likes saying Mama than saying Mommy, and I don’t know why.)
12. Papa/Daddy
13. Dog
14. One to Ten
15. Twelve
16. Thirteen
17. Eighteen
18. Twenty
19. Butterfly
20. Stars
21. Fish
22. Duck
23. Swing
24. Ball
25. Socks
26. Circle
27. Square
28. Carry
29. Teeth
30. Red
31. Blue
32. Green
33. Yellow
34. Baby
35. Milk
36. Purple

Currently those are the words that he can actually pronounce and say. We also noticed that he never “baby talk”, I guess it’s because we never “baby talk” or talk like a goofy-pitched jabber to him when he was still an infant. Dra. Vienne told us (even before Cyler started talking) that we should avoid talking “baby talk” to our baby because babies who are learning from a baby talk are not ready to learn words yet although they are still learning the phonemes or basic speech sounds. So presumably, babies could learn their language’s phonemes by listening to adult directed speech. And I guess it really works to Cyler.

Btw, let me share with you my son’s video while he was counting from 1 to 10. You can watch his video here. We taught him how to count as early as six months and we didn’t know that he was absorbing it even if he is just a little. Truly, parents are the child’s first teacher.

Batangas Trip: Chateau Royale Sports and Country Club

My friend, Anna (one of the celebrants) suggested this resort to all of us since she’s been in this place before. She said that this resort is indeed a perfect place to hang out, luckily we saw their promo at Ensogo two weeks prior to our target date and so we immediately purchased the deal. It was really a good deal because we we’re able to get a premium room that is good for four persons with a lot of perks included. We are a total of ten (including two kids), so they purchased two vouchers and they just added two more mattress in excess.

Chateau Royale Sports and Country Club is located at Nasugbu Batangas, actually it’s just one kembot away from Tagaytay, as in! Chateau Royale offers a fine accommodation that will surely take you away from the hustle and bustle of the metropolitan life. It’s just an easy two-hour drive from Manila, perfect for a quick family getaway! This place will let you experience fun recreations while enjoying nature’s beauty and serenity. Chateau is a 15 hectares resort, now could you imagine how big is that?! Sad to say we weren’t able to visit the other facilities because it kept on raining and it was too cold go outside. An overnight stay is not enough to roam the entire place!

Chateau Royale gives you a handful of hotel facilities to cater to all your leisure. I love how elegant the place is.

See how lovely and elegant the place is, this is definitely a vacation!

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Tagaytay Food Trip: LZM Restaurant

Two weeks ago we went to Tagaytay and Batangas to celebrate my friend’s birthday and today we’re back from our short vacation from my hometown, Antipolo and haven’t had time to get them out into cyberland. We’ve been out for the past weekends and I don’t have enough time to blog out, to say the least, a lot is happening. I know excuses, excuses but please forgive me. I was kinda disappointed too because I didn’t meet my quota last month. Like Maqui, I also have quota for my blog, I should make at least 25 or more post every month. But I didn’t make it due to my hectic sched. And so tonight I would like to share the trips that we had for the past weekends, I hope I can meet my quota for this month. Hehe

Alright, enough for my not-so-accepted excuses. Two weeks ago we braved the rains and headed to Batangas and Tagaytay to celebrate my husband and office mate’s (namely Anna, Andrew, Dan) birthday, to make the long story short, we had a back-to-back-to-back birthday celebrations then. Since madami silang celebrants kailangan bongga din ang celebration that’s why we decided to have an out of town trip. The celebrants shouldered our hotel accommodations (Woo Hoo!), I guess that’s the best part of our trip. Bonggel’s diba?! I feel so lucky because I’ve got generous friends and hubby like them! Oh and since we’ve been into so many places this past few weekends I decided to make a different post for those places. So please, please bear with me because I need to reminisce again. Hehe

Foggy and rainy afternoon in Tagaytay

Since we are too early for our check-in time in the resort and since Tagaytay is already on our way we decided to have our lunch there.Now what is the first dish that comes to your mind when people say Tagaytay?! Of course BU-LA-LOW! And so I took the group in my favorite bulaluhan in Tagaytay which is LZM Restaurant! Majority of you have tried Leslies and Josephine in Tagaytay City. But, have you tried LZM Restaurant? LZM Resto is quietly located in the top of Magallanes Square. LZM is well known for their lutong bahay specialties, one of their signature dishes are their bulalo and daing na bangus. It’s to die for, I’m telling you! Cliche, but it’s true though.

This resto has a typical and simple interior but definitely has an extra-ordinary dishes!

As for the dishes, here’s what we ordered:


Of course, you can never say that you dine here in LZM without tasting their bone marrow popping Bulalo! For me it’s the best Bulalo that I have ever tasted! Personally, so far no other bulalo can beat this. Swear! Walang halong eklavoo yan! I highly recommended their bulalo to my friends not only because it’s very affordable but also because it’s a sinful (I know) but definitely a delicious dish! This dish is just so perfect for the cold weather of Tagaytay.


Another delish dish on top of their Bulalo is their Daing na bangus. Once you’re here, don’t ever let go of their HUGE daing na bangus! This dish (including their bulalo) has been featured in news papers food article and even in food magazines! I always order this two dishes whenever I dine here. Actually, solve nako sa bulalo at daing na bangus palang nila.

Want more?

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Cyler’s First Spooktacular Halloween (Part 2)

Now here’s the second part of Cyler’s spooktacular Halloween experienced! This time he attended the Trick or Treat at Mommy’s office! Actually, we we’re a bit hesitant if we will going to bring Cyler at my office because our car was coding that day. But then my mommy senses said that I should bring my child with me because this doesn’t happen everyday, and so it has been decided that I will bring Cyler at my office. It’s all because of happiness, simple as that! We commuted that day and it was Cyler’s first time to ride in the train. At first he was so irritated because the train was so crowded although we we we’re able to sit, it’s just that it’s so unusual to him. As time goes by, he got the hang of it and he enjoyed the view from the train. We had a very smooth travel. When we reached Buendia we took the cab from there going to my office at Paseo de Roxas. We arrived early at the office so while waiting for the event to start I let him played at one corner of the office while I’m doing my work. I also took my sister with us so he can accompany Cyler while I’m working but…. I wasn’t able to work because Cyler kept on holding my hand and clings to my leg or neck. Now tell me how will I focus on my work with a baby clinging in my leg or in my neck?! 🙂

Now the cutest pumpkin little man is back!

And here’s the other kids on their unkabogable costumes!

We roamed in our three offices in the building, this time I thought it wouldn’t be that tiring but boy oh boy, I was wrong! I forgot to consider that I have a hyper and active toddler. Teehee!

As usual, he ran here and there, he went under the tables, he get whatever he want’s, and the best thing that he did– he laughs to everybody! Naubos ang energy ko kakahabol!

I must say he is very sociable now, here’s the proof.

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Cyler’s First Spooktacular Halloween (Part 1)

Warning: This post is photo heavy, I’m telling you!

From the candy to the costumes, Halloween is a fun-filled time for everyone especially to my son, Cyler because this is his first ever Halloween Party! Yes it is! We attended two Halloween Parties, one in Daddy’s office and one in my office. Since this is Cyler’s first-ever Trick or Treat everyone was so excited to see him wearing his costume… especially me, of course! I went to Rustan’s and SM to look for my little boy’s costume but I didn’t like any because I found it so common. And so my biggest challenge began. But did you know what?! God is so good to me because I didn’t spend any penny for his costume! I was lucky enough because my office mate, Anna lend her son’s costume to Cyler! Woo hoo! Problem solved! Cyler got an instant costume! Thanks Tita Anna for lending this supah-cute costume to our cutie patootie! 🙂

Now here’s our cutie patootie on his adorable costume!

Now how in the world is that?! He’s indeed the cutest!

While waiting for the party to start I let my toddler scribble so he won’t get bored. This is an effective way of conquering my toddler’s boredom.

The party started at 3pm and look who’s giddy and excited for the Trick or Treat!

Moving on with Trick or Treat. Here’s some of the adorable costumes from the other kiddos!

Prince, Buzz Lightyear, and Belle (Thank you, Je for correcting me!)

Woody, Tiger, and Spider Man!

Lowdown: I guess they’ve got more than 200 participants that’s why they don’t have any award for the best costume at all. BOOO! Another rant about the party is that it wasn’t so organized, it’s so difficult to find where to go. We have designated groups but some of the kids we’re mixed up with the other group.

Upside: But the good thing is they really prepared their booths, it all looked so awesome! They exert so much effort decorating their workstations! I was really amazed and mesmerized at the same time. 🙂

Here’s more!

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