Cyler’s First Spooktacular Halloween (Part 2)

Now here’s the second part of Cyler’s spooktacular Halloween experienced! This time he attended the Trick or Treat at Mommy’s office! Actually, we we’re a bit hesitant if we will going to bring Cyler at my office because our car was coding that day. But then my mommy senses said that I should bring my child with me because this doesn’t happen everyday, and so it has been decided that I will bring Cyler at my office. It’s all because of happiness, simple as that! We commuted that day and it was Cyler’s first time to ride in the train. At first he was so irritated because the train was so crowded although we we we’re able to sit, it’s just that it’s so unusual to him. As time goes by, he got the hang of it and he enjoyed the view from the train. We had a very smooth travel. When we reached Buendia we took the cab from there going to my office at Paseo de Roxas. We arrived early at the office so while waiting for the event to start I let him played at one corner of the office while I’m doing my work. I also took my sister with us so he can accompany Cyler while I’m working but…. I wasn’t able to work because Cyler kept on holding my hand and clings to my leg or neck. Now tell me how will I focus on my work with a baby clinging in my leg or in my neck?! 🙂

Now the cutest pumpkin little man is back!

And here’s the other kids on their unkabogable costumes!

We roamed in our three offices in the building, this time I thought it wouldn’t be that tiring but boy oh boy, I was wrong! I forgot to consider that I have a hyper and active toddler. Teehee!

As usual, he ran here and there, he went under the tables, he get whatever he want’s, and the best thing that he did– he laughs to everybody! Naubos ang energy ko kakahabol!

I must say he is very sociable now, here’s the proof.

Hi girl! I’m Cyler. What’s your name? (with matching shake hands?!)

They’ve got face painting for the kiddos and employees as well.

Pintada lang ang peg?!

Now here’s my kikay friends with their face paint.

From L-to-R: Irene, Anna (we got Cyler’s costume from her), Rachelle

We all had our face painted except to Katey (the girl in the middle) because she is allergic to paint. And so she just used some ketchup as her props for the sake of our photo shoot… she ate it after this shoot. LOL

Here’s our BIG-BAT-GIRL! Peace Mars! 😛


Sabi “WACKY SHOT”.. anyare?! Bakit ako lang ata naka-wacky dito?! Hmmp!

They also prepared some film showing while the kids and guardians are waiting.

Bawal kumurap! Ganyan talaga kami manood.

They also prepared a magic show for everyone. They focus more on the program rather on the decorations, which I like the most because everybody enjoyed the Halloween party even the kids at heart.

Here’s my well-trained toddler who silently grabbed all the candies in the table. Hehe

The other Kid: Can I have some candies?

Spell CAN-DY?!

He’s always first on the line, that’s why he was able to get what he wants. Although he wasn’t able to taste any of it because he is not allowed to eat candies. 🙂

Here’s a bucket of sweet goodies from Mommy’s office!

They also gave loot bag’s for each child.

And he got another perks from the party, which is car his favorite toy! Yay!

And you know what’s the best part of this event?! Cyler won one of the best costume! Hooray!

This is his prize, a 3D animal wall decor! I was expecting for a GC though.. LOL!

Actually, they gave the best costume award to 7 or 8 kids (out of 50 Kids), including Cyler. Not bad, right?! I guess everybody deserves an award because they exert effort and time for their costume.

Cyler took a nap after the event and when he woke up… he was so active again! Now look at this happy toddler, I guess nothing can beat that happiness! Oh what fun! 🙂

Again, it was a tiring but indeed a fun filled day for all of us! Yay! Looking forward for his next Trick or Treat next year!

Happy happy Halloween everyone!


2 thoughts on “Cyler’s First Spooktacular Halloween (Part 2)

  1. Waaah! Ang saya! 🙂
    Bigla ko namiss magwork after looking at the Halloween party that Cyler attended from yours and hubby’s. KJ kasi si hubby, ayaw kami papuntahin sa office niya at hindi daw siya makakapagconcentrate ng work. Hahaha.

    Ang cute cute ni Cyler! Bagay na bagay ang costume! Laking tipid, diba? Next year borrow nlng ulit 🙂

    • I guess that’s one of the upside of being a working parents, yung mga event like this. Sulit na sulit tlaga especially when you have kids. I didn’t expect too na sobrang bonggels ang first halloween experience ni Cyler kasi mismong ako I never experience attending Halloween Parties when I was a kid. Hehe

      Tell hubby next time dapat kasama si Akira sa mga events like that sayang ang costume ni Tita Cat! Winner na winner pa naman!

      Actually, manghihiram nalang uli talaga kami next year. Kinontrata ko na yung friend ko! 😛

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