Tagaytay Food Trip: LZM Restaurant

Two weeks ago we went to Tagaytay and Batangas to celebrate my friend’s birthday and today we’re back from our short vacation from my hometown, Antipolo and haven’t had time to get them out into cyberland. We’ve been out for the past weekends and I don’t have enough time to blog out, to say the least, a lot is happening. I know excuses, excuses but please forgive me. I was kinda disappointed too because I didn’t meet my quota last month. Like Maqui, I also have quota for my blog, I should make at least 25 or more post every month. But I didn’t make it due to my hectic sched. And so tonight I would like to share the trips that we had for the past weekends, I hope I can meet my quota for this month. Hehe

Alright, enough for my not-so-accepted excuses. Two weeks ago we braved the rains and headed to Batangas and Tagaytay to celebrate my husband and office mate’s (namely Anna, Andrew, Dan) birthday, to make the long story short, we had a back-to-back-to-back birthday celebrations then. Since madami silang celebrants kailangan bongga din ang celebration that’s why we decided to have an out of town trip. The celebrants shouldered our hotel accommodations (Woo Hoo!), I guess that’s the best part of our trip. Bonggel’s diba?! I feel so lucky because I’ve got generous friends and hubby like them! Oh and since we’ve been into so many places this past few weekends I decided to make a different post for those places. So please, please bear with me because I need to reminisce again. Hehe

Foggy and rainy afternoon in Tagaytay

Since we are too early for our check-in time in the resort and since Tagaytay is already on our way we decided to have our lunch there.Now what is the first dish that comes to your mind when people say Tagaytay?! Of course BU-LA-LOW! And so I took the group in my favorite bulaluhan in Tagaytay which is LZM Restaurant! Majority of you have tried Leslies and Josephine in Tagaytay City. But, have you tried LZM Restaurant? LZM Resto is quietly located in the top of Magallanes Square. LZM is well known for their lutong bahay specialties, one of their signature dishes are their bulalo and daing na bangus. It’s to die for, I’m telling you! Cliche, but it’s true though.

This resto has a typical and simple interior but definitely has an extra-ordinary dishes!

As for the dishes, here’s what we ordered:


Of course, you can never say that you dine here in LZM without tasting their bone marrow popping Bulalo! For me it’s the best Bulalo that I have ever tasted! Personally, so far no other bulalo can beat this. Swear! Walang halong eklavoo yan! I highly recommended their bulalo to my friends not only because it’s very affordable but also because it’s a sinful (I know) but definitely a delicious dish! This dish is just so perfect for the cold weather of Tagaytay.


Another delish dish on top of their Bulalo is their Daing na bangus. Once you’re here, don’t ever let go of their HUGE daing na bangus! This dish (including their bulalo) has been featured in news papers food article and even in food magazines! I always order this two dishes whenever I dine here. Actually, solve nako sa bulalo at daing na bangus palang nila.

Want more?


It was my first time to taste their Pinakbet and I must say it was indeed a delectable healthy dish! The veggies was really crunchy and not overcooked. My friends and I noticed that there is a magical taste with their Pinakbet, but we can’t figure it out. It has a great amount of sweetness and saltiness (comes from the shrimp paste) that balanced everything and it isn’t malansa.

Now here’s the rest of the gang after our sumptuous lunch at LZM! Their all full and happy at the same time! 🙂

I already mentioned LZM Resto in my previous post but I guess it’s really worth it to do a review about them again because they never fail to make me and my tummy full, happy, and satisfied. BTW, the food prices ranges from Php200-Php400, I guess medyo nagtaas sila ng price this year compare to previous year although it isn’t that high. Keribels lang. My office mates said that the food in LZM was really good and they will surely go back here. That’s the compliment that I received from a satisfied costumers. LZM Restaurant is indeed the perfect pit stop when you’re craving for Bulalo! 🙂

LZM Restaurant
Magallanes Square, Tagaytay City
Silang (414-0477), Tagaytay (413-4549)
Restaurant hours: 10AM – 8PM on weekdays, 10AM – 10PM on weekends


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