Batangas Trip: Chateau Royale Sports and Country Club

My friend, Anna (one of the celebrants) suggested this resort to all of us since she’s been in this place before. She said that this resort is indeed a perfect place to hang out, luckily we saw their promo at Ensogo two weeks prior to our target date and so we immediately purchased the deal. It was really a good deal because we we’re able to get a premium room that is good for four persons with a lot of perks included. We are a total of ten (including two kids), so they purchased two vouchers and they just added two more mattress in excess.

Chateau Royale Sports and Country Club is located at Nasugbu Batangas, actually it’s just one kembot away from Tagaytay, as in! Chateau Royale offers a fine accommodation that will surely take you away from the hustle and bustle of the metropolitan life. It’s just an easy two-hour drive from Manila, perfect for a quick family getaway! This place will let you experience fun recreations while enjoying nature’s beauty and serenity. Chateau is a 15 hectares resort, now could you imagine how big is that?! Sad to say we weren’t able to visit the other facilities because it kept on raining and it was too cold go outside. An overnight stay is not enough to roam the entire place!

Chateau Royale gives you a handful of hotel facilities to cater to all your leisure. I love how elegant the place is.

See how lovely and elegant the place is, this is definitely a vacation!

Now look at my lovely outfit that day!

Orange and white maxi dress from Seventeen

Lakas mag segue noh?! Hahaha!

As for the room, they’ve got log cabins and condo style hotel rooms. We chose the hotel rooms because according to my friend, Anna the log cabins was too small for us.  The hotel rooms are much better than the log cabins especially when the weather is not so good, at least in Hotel you won’t feel that it’s raining outside. Here’s a quick tour to our condo style hotel room!

Actually, this is not our room, it’s the superior room. Naki-picture lang kami! LOL!

This is our real room, the premium room. Look who’s enjoying the bed! The other two mattress was placed in the sala and we chose to sleep there since the bed was a bit high and it’s not ideal for a toddler who wiggles while sleeping.

Here’s the sala and the “mowdels”!

spell nga-nga?! Now that’s my husband when watching basketball.

Here’s my second “mowdel”, Zane. He is the son of my friend, Anna. Now Spell EMO-TE-RO! 😛

They also have flat screen TV inside the room however some of the channels aren’t so clear, I guess it’s because of the poor cable signals.

Below is the room dresser and mini-kitchen. Feels like your really at home!

And here’s the Bathroom. Cyler loves the toilet bowl so much, as a matter of fact he dipped his hands in the toilet bowl not once but.. thrice! My gulay! There is also a divider that separates the shower area from the rest of the room so the entire floor does not get wet when someone takes a bath. They also provides sets of towel, shampoo, and soap. But where is the toothpaste?! Waley!

Disclaimer: They don’t have any water dipper in the toilet . We asked for the water dipper twice however walang tabong dumating samin, nakaalis na kami lahat lahat waley pa rin. Hay. So what did we do?! We just used the empty mineral bottles. Para-paraan din!

So that’s our posh room!

Now here’s some of their facilities here in Chateau Royale. You can always have a fun bonding experience with your family and friends with their recreation and amusement facilities such as billiards, swimming pools, play grounds, wall climbing, paintball wars, and obstacle-course race.

Veranda Cafe

Salon & Spa

Their spa was under renovation that time as you can see in the photo. We’ve got free spa for 4 persons but we we’re not able to get our perks due to lack of time and laziness. We chose to stay in our room the whole night because it was too cold to go outside.

Billiard Hall

Their billiard was kinda pricey, the husband told me that it costs Php500 pesosesoses/hour! Umatras daw siya bigla ng nalaman niya ung price. Now I know kaya pala walang naglalaro sa loob. Hehe

Swimming pool

Of course our trip will not be complete without dipping in the freezing-pool!

They have synthetic sands in the poolside, obviously that’s Cyler’s favorite spot here in the pool!

Their pool was too cold since it kept on raining the whole day. But but… our little merman wanted to swim! And so I don’t have any choice but to accompanied my toddler to the freezing pool. Could you imagine how cold the water is?! Para akong nasa freezer! Geez!

Now here’s my brave little merman conquering the freezing water!

Now here am I, tapang-tapangan ang peg! Ang lamiig ng tubiiiig, anak! We only stayed in the water for thirty minutes because Cyler was shivering already. And he cried when we removed him from the water! My gulay! So we stayed for another ten minutes! Kalerks!

Proper swimming attire is only allowed in the pool, their very strict with this. Cj wasn’t able to swim because he forgot to bring his board shorts then.

Now look who’s freezing in the pool! Namuti nako sa lamig!

Aside from the facilities mentioned above, they also have orchidarium, organic farm, fishing lake, horseback riding trail, lotus garden, videoke rooms, theater, zip line, floating restaurant (which is currently not floating kasi walang tubig nung nagpunta kami), and wall climbing. Unfortunately we haven’t tried and visited those facilities due to lack of time. My goodness one day is not enough to roam this 15 hectares resort!

We also had free dinner and breakfast but I didn’t take any photos of it because we’re not happy with the food. Sayang lang ang shot sa camera ika nga ng mga kaibigan ko. That’s the downside of our trip here, maybe because we only avail the promo? I don’t know. Whatever the reason is. One thing is for sure– hindi kami natuwa sa pagkain! Yun lang.

Now here’s my happy toddler while playing with his Daddy before bedtime.

And here’s Don Cyler in the morning!

Don Cyler

Anyare, anak? Puyat lang?! Hehe

More photos here:

And here we are before leaving the place.

Familia Ricafort

I know, I know.. mahangin talaga dito sa labas! Anlakas kaya ng hangin sa Tagaytay este Batangas pala!

And before I forgot, here are my friends, my tripping buddies, my lovely ladies!

From L-to-R: Irene, Katey, Me with Cyler, Anna, and Rachelle

And my hunky men (?)!

From L-to-R: June, Cj with Cyler, Andrew, Gerry with Zane, and Dan

Generally, we had a great escapade with my friends! The long weekend is definitely the best when you spend it with your love ones! Truly, Chateau Royale is much more than the average hotel in Batangas, it’s a hotel accommodation that has lots to offer. Chateau Royale makes certain you and your family or friends get the best vacation ever.

Now the question is.. will I go back here?! Definitely yes! Maybe with the other set of friends or relatives!

More of our Batangas trip in my next post! 🙂

Contact Information:

Chateau Royale Sports & Country Club
Km. 72 Batulao, Nasugbu Batangas, Philippines
Tel. Nos. (632) 696-4374 / 696-4376
Fax No. (632) 712-9299


11 thoughts on “Batangas Trip: Chateau Royale Sports and Country Club

  1. Ooooh such a nice place and that orange and white dress — winner! And yes, I agree with Maqui — Winner din ang swimwear! =)

    • Hi Pepper! Oh yes this is indeed a nice place and it has a lot to offer!

      Thanks for the compliments! Pinag kaisahan nio ko ni Maqui. LOL! But thank you!

      And thanks for dropping by, Pepper! 🙂

  2. Sis anong sinerve ba nilang pagkain? hehe interested kasi kami pumunta kaso e mura din naman pag nag book sa website nila mismo without the food na parang pinaka additional lang when you avail sa deals online. also na try nyo ba un horseback riding? may toddler din kasi kami e. pwede kaya sya dun? thanks sa feedback 🙂

    • Hi, it was just a really simple meal like for breakfast tocino and egg, for dinner fish fillet and beef something something. Maybe because we got our reservation through a deal. I don’t know but we we’re all disappointed with the food. We haven’t tried the horse back riding, not sure if pwde sa toddler pero I think medyo risky un so I suggest wag mo muna sya pasakayin sa horse. 🙂

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