Cyler’s List of Spoken Words

My little boy, Cyler is a huge talker! At 17 months old, he learned a lot of words from us (of course!), his parents. At this stage he likes mimicking all the words that we say to him and even the words that he hears in the TV, so we have to be careful in our words and we are now limiting the channel’s that he used to watch in the TV. He learned some of the words through his favorite Cartoons and some words he learned from his favorite Apps in my iPhone. My husband would always tell me that one of the things that Cyler inherited from me is my kadaldalan. Of all the things yan talaga yung nakuha nya sakin but his a bit quiet when there’s a stranger around. Shy type tulad ko! LOL! My office mates says that Cyler has a british accent, yes he has, but of course he didn’t learned that accent from me and probably not to his daddy, I guess he got that accent from watching cartoons at BabyTv channel.


Now aside from reciting the alphabets, so far here are Cyler’s list of spoken words at 17 months old.

1. Apple
2. Airplane
3. Bow-bow (Rainbow)
4. Cars
5. Yes!
6. Wow!
7. Night! Night! (Goodnight!)
8. See you!
9. Bye! Bye!
10. Truck
11. Mama (He likes saying Mama than saying Mommy, and I don’t know why.)
12. Papa/Daddy
13. Dog
14. One to Ten
15. Twelve
16. Thirteen
17. Eighteen
18. Twenty
19. Butterfly
20. Stars
21. Fish
22. Duck
23. Swing
24. Ball
25. Socks
26. Circle
27. Square
28. Carry
29. Teeth
30. Red
31. Blue
32. Green
33. Yellow
34. Baby
35. Milk
36. Purple

Currently those are the words that he can actually pronounce and say. We also noticed that he never “baby talk”, I guess it’s because we never “baby talk” or talk like a goofy-pitched jabber to him when he was still an infant. Dra. Vienne told us (even before Cyler started talking) that we should avoid talking “baby talk” to our baby because babies who are learning from a baby talk are not ready to learn words yet although they are still learning the phonemes or basic speech sounds. So presumably, babies could learn their language’s phonemes by listening to adult directed speech. And I guess it really works to Cyler.

Btw, let me share with you my son’s video while he was counting from 1 to 10. You can watch his video here. We taught him how to count as early as six months and we didn’t know that he was absorbing it even if he is just a little. Truly, parents are the child’s first teacher.

6 thoughts on “Cyler’s List of Spoken Words

    • Yup! Ate Maggie is my CIL. Small world, right?! 🙂

      And you’re right, kids are like sponge they easily absorbs everything! I’m working on his counting skills right now, this time we’re teaching him the numbers 11 to 20. 😉

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