The Little Merman

Cyler loves the water so much, as a matter of fact he used to stay at the bathroom for 30-40 minutes when he takes a bath! Dinaig pako! There are times when we don’t have any choice but to force him to leave the bathroom. As in! My gulay! Most of the time he pretends like he’s in the swimming pool and dip his head into the water like he was literally swimming and going under the water. Now that’s my toddler’s random imagination.


Look how he loves the water so mucho (Please don’t mind his facial expression here because that’s his natural look! Hehe)! He likes everything about the water! Kahit sa timba masaya na ang bagets! 🙂

Suffice to say, he is definitely a little merman. Oh well, it’s pretty obvious in the photo. 🙂


4 thoughts on “The Little Merman

  1. Kelly is a water baby too. It’s a struggle getting her out of the tub especially with my pregnant belly. 😀 You should buy Cyler a mini-pool to make bath time more fun. We also bought bubble bath soap. I’m sure your little merman will enjoy that too!

  2. Haha! A has a photo inside a timba too! Classic photo talaga yan =) Give it a couple of weeks more, he wont fit in there anymore — bittersweet! =)

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