Weekend Booksale With My Toddler


Last Saturday we went to SM San Lazaro for our weekly grocery and for Cj’s new hairdo. When we arrived at the mall we headed to the salon first, while Cyler and I are waiting for his Daddy I decided to go visit Booksale. Cyler was sleeping then and I was carrying him in my arms the entire time since we decided not to bring his stroller that time. When we entered the book store he suddenly woke up and was surprised, amazed, and fascinated to the mountains of books that he saw inside the book store. He wanted to go down immediately and I couldn’t afford of carrying him anymore because he’s really heavy (and I’m so small), so I decided to put him down. Thing is, he will run for sure, so I decided to put him down… at the bookshelf instead.


Well, well let’s just say he pretended to be a salesman and guess what?! He was handing out the books to every people that he saw inside the book store! Kahit ako hindi nakaligtas! My gulay! He was rushing and giggling while he’s doing that thing. I was on guard of course in case he decides to throw all the books or jump on the floor.

Now here’s our booksale loots!

20121113-091036.jpg Row row your boat (Php45), Wild Smiles (Php45), Fun with Spot Christmas Book (Php35)

I purchased more board books for my little one since he really loves board books especially those flip-flap books. And did you notice the prices of the books?! It’s unbelievable, right?

20121113-091045.jpg Eyes, Ears, Nose by Karen Katz (Php85) and Happy Blanket by Tony Ross (Php45)

These two books are my favorites among all our purchases. Happy blanket is a story about the two children who always have their blankets with them. The blanket serves is their binky(Ate Maggie, this book reminds me of Lucas binky ) and they couldn’t leave without it. It has two stories with the same title and theme but with different characters, who meet in the middle for a uniquie denouement. And I find the book unique and pretty cool.

While Toes, Ears, Nose is a book that teaches your toddler the different body parts of a boy. It’s a fun peak-a-boo book that your little one will surely enjoy. I’ve been looking for this book for so long, finally I found it! Cyler loves that book A LOT! He even asked me to read that book to him over and over again! He laugh and giggles everytime I lift the flaps of this book! This book captures his fascination with his body and all it’s wonderful parts. It has full striking colors and captivating illustrations that will surely catches your child’s attention. Toddler’s learn faster when they’re enjoying!

For only Php255 I was able to purchased 5 books in no time! Oh what fun! This frugalicious momma is so happy with her book loots! And did you know what’s the best part of this book shopping/hunting?! I’m with my new shopping buddy, which of course my toddler, Cyler! Yay! Looking forward for more book shopping adventure with my little bookworm! 🙂

20121113-091056.jpg Cyler: Thank you for coming! Please come again! :p


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