Happy Staycation!

One long weekend a couple of weeks ago (yes, this is part of our family trips backlogs), we went to Antipolo (my howetown) and stayed at Mama’s place. We arrived there at Friday afternoon then we went back to Manila on Saturday afternoon. We stayed there for two days and 1 night only because we need to go back to Manila before Sunday morning as Cj has to work on that day. BOOOO! Our stay there was full of fun although we stayed for two days only. We just maximized our time with the whole family.

When we arrived, I immediately cooked my eggplant parmigiana (check the recipe here) because it’s my nephew’s 10th Birthday and they requested for it. We had a birthday cake, macaroons, pasta, and prepared some fruit salad for his birthday, and viola! We had a simple, fun-filled, and crazy celebration for his 10th birthday. The birthday celebrant, Steffano is my eldest nephew and the first grandson of Mama.

Meet the birthday boy, Steffano (a.k.a Panong)!

Mama together with her grandson’s (Cyler, Steffano, Melo) and her one and only granddaughter (Civ)!

The family was almost complete, sad to say my eldest sister wasn’t there because she’s currently working in Saudi as a nurse. But her hubby and son was there to celebrate with us, which is good. I miss my nephew’s and niece so much! Oh-my-gulay! Having two toddlers in the house was a riot! They we’re running, yelling, dancing, jumping, yadah-yadah! It seemed like there’s a chaos, it’s crazy but everybody’s happy especially the birthday celebrant.

Cousin’s playing around the house

After the celebration, we visited my maternal grandfather’s grave. We prayed and stay there for awhile. After that we headed to Ynare’s Center where there is a mini-carnival, food, and bazaar! Well that sent chills to my spine! The kids we’re so excited for the rides while the kids at heart (especially me!) we’re so excited for the bazaar!

20121114-190419.jpg It was their first time to go here!

20121114-190434.jpg My family! Yes, I have a big family and I love it! 🙂

20121114-190451.jpg Dresses = Happiness & Kikayness!

20121114-191241.jpg Random things that you can see at Ynare’s Center

This place is one of my favorite place here in Antipolo once the Christmas season comes over. I used to go here together with my family and friends back then. And it never fails to make us feel happy and giddy! Actually, I’m not into the rides(I shudder and faint everytime I ride), I’m really into the foods and tiangge (Filipino term for bazaar), of course! Oh how I miss this place and everything about it. We had our dinner here, we had chicken and pork barbecue’s! I so love the chicken bbq and the liempo, it was a sinful but delectable delish dish! Sad to say I wasn’t able to take photos of it because I’m darn excited to eat it! We decided to go home after our sumptuous barbecue dinner because the kiddos we’re already tired.

The sad part is I wasn’t able to visit all the stores. LOL! Oh yes, the shoppingera in me was talking here. But I was able to purchased one dress for 350 bucks, necklace for 100 bucks, cap for Cyler (the one his wearing in the above images) for 75 bucks with name engraved on it, and toys for my nephew and niece for 20 bucks only. I guess that’s way cheaper compare to the mall, right?!

The morning came and it’s time to go home. Hay. Overall, we all had fun and had a great time. We’ll surely do it on December when we go back there. And this time I’ll make sure I’ll visit all the stores! Tee hee!

Don’t we just love long weekends?! 🙂

Happy Friday, everyone! 😉


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