Yab You!


Last night when we got home Cyler sat on my tummy and said….

Yab You (I love you!)!

Of course, I said I love you tooo, baby! Who am I to refuse those magical words from my toddler?! I sure am glad and thrilled because God gave me the sweetest child in the world!

He hugged me tightly and I hugged him back!


That was his “first” I love you to Mommy! Woo hoo! I wanted to do cartwheels when I heard those precious words to him! That’s the best word that I heard from him and he learned from me! I know for now he was just mimicking my words, but eventually he’ll come to understand what the words mean as he grow up.


Cyler was 6 months old here! This picture was taken last New Year’s eve.

That’s a toddler’s love to his Mother. And a magical moment for me and every mommies out there. Now I understand how it feels when your child tells you I love you, it’s priceless and incomparable!

It makes me wanna sing “I’ve got joy like a river, I’ve got joy like a river in my heart! Hallelujah!” 🙂

How about you? When did your child first say “I love you”? 🙂


2 thoughts on “Yab You!

    • That’s true, Kim! Kakatuwa ang kadaldalan nitong si Cyler. Hehe

      I didn’t expect that, kasi I always say those words to him but I never hear that from him. I was totally surprised, as in! 🙂

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