The Spectacular Christmas Light and Sound Show at Ayala Triangle

 The Ayala Triangle Christmas Light and Sound Show was spectacular! The Ayala Triangle has been actively doing this light show for the past three years. And they never fail to awe the audiences including me, of course. Yesterday, I took my boys at the Ayala triangle to watch this magnificent light show. We are so delighted when we watched the show, it was indeed awesome and great! I’m not really good in taking photos, so you must watch the show and see it yourself. I guess these images wasn’t justifiable. Honestly speaking, I like the light show in the previous year compared to this year’s light show. Anyhoo, it was still awesome!  If you’re here you will feel like you’re in the Avatar movie. Remember, the Pandora Tree of Life in the Avatar movie?! The lights was similar to that! 🙂

With Mommy

Cyler was literally hooked by the lights, as you can see in the photo. He couldn’t take his eyes off to the colorful and blinking Christmas lights.

With Daddy

The light show starts at 6pm until 9pm. Ayala Triangle puts on its light show every 30 minutes or so, which lasts a mere 10 minutes. The synchronize blinking of the lights and sounds is simply amazing! I guess they’ve got two different sets for every show, after watching the first show at 8pm we waited for another 30 minutes and watched the second show. We noticed that in the second show they’ve got lazer lights already unlike the first one. Although the music and routine was the same.

Actually, the little one was able to watched the Light Show last year but he was just  six months old back then, so I guess he couldn’t remember what happened that time. At least now he appreciates what he see. Cyler was so delighted and amazed by the colorful lights and Christmas carols! The show wowed everybody and elicited oohhs and aahhs from the folk gathered in the Ayala Triangle gardens. It was indeed a magical moment for the whole family! Now we’re looking forward for the next year’s show!

You better watch it, and don’t forget to bring your family and friends with you! Share this magical moment with your love ones! 🙂

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