Wedding Anniversary Date at Italiannis

We celebrated our 2nd Wedding Anniversary last Saturday, November 11 ’12 at Italiannis, Glorietta 4. We started the day by attending the mass at Greenbelt 3, after giving thanks to the Lord we headed to Gelatissimo, since the weather was really hot then and I was craving for gelato (don’t worry negative, nag crave lang talaga ako. LOL). #DefensiveMuch I know it’s our wedding anniversary and it should be for the two us but we can’t resist not to bring this little boy with us. He’s the fruit of our love, so I guess he should be part of this celebration. Last year, we had our celebration at Seasons, Manila Pavillion Hotel. We just had a simple buffet dinner together. See photos here.

The scenic view from where we sat

After that we headed to Glorietta for Cyler’s haircut. When we arrived at Cuts for Tots the kiddie salon was really jam-packed already and so we decided to postponed his haircut. We went for shopping instead. We let the little one ran the entire time until he gets tired and fall asleep, para makapag-dinner kami ng bonggang bongga after! When he’s already sleeping we took the chance to have dinner. We decided to dine at Italiannis since that’s the nearest resto to us and while the baby still sleeping. Ika nga nila para-paraan din! LOL!

When it’s just the two of us, we talked about everything under the sun. While we’re waiting for our food to arrive the restaurant’s manager approached us and offered us to avail the Bistro circle discount card. It costs Php1500 that includes lots of perks and freebies to all Bistro group of restaurants, that includes Italiannis. Actually, I’m not interested to buy it but to my surprised the husband wanted to avail the card. Imagine?! My frugalicious husband wanted to buy this discount card! Huuwaat?! Eh nuknukan at ubod ng kuripot yun! As in! And so it has been decided that we will purchased the Bistro discount card. Tapos! Madali naman ako kausap eh. Haha!

Well actually, I must admit that it’s a good discount card because of its freebies and discounts. You can avail a 20% off discount to all Bristo restaurants plus the freebies. After purchasing the card we immediately got the 20% off discount plus the free silican salad! Now how good is that, right?! Indeed this Bistro Circle Discount Card comes in handy!

After the negotiation and everything with the discount card finally our food just arrived in perfect time! Of course, a complimentary bread was served while we are waiting.

Complimentary bread

We ordered the Farmer’s feast, it only costs Php1,125 and consists of Baby back ribs, Herb Roasted Chicken, and flavourful Aglio Olio.

Fruit Shakes

We both ordered fruit shakes, mine was fruity smoothie and mango shake for the husband. I have this undying love for fruit shakes it never fails to satisfy my sweet tooth, I must say.

Silican Salad

Italiannis’ Silican Salad is one of my favorite salad! I’m glad it was included in the Bistro Card freebies! We had it for freeee! Too bad, I have a carnivore husband who doesn’t eat veggies. So I ate the whole salad all-by-myself. He ate the grapes and mango though!

Aglio Olio

This pasta dish was so flavorful! Hubby and I liked it so much! It was cooked in garlic, chili flakes, basil, and olive oil. The garlic and chili flakes add kicks to the taste of this dish! As a matter of fact we finished it in no time!

Baby Back Ribs

Hubby and I described this dish as HEAVEN! The baby back rib was perfectly tender and it instantly melt’s in our mouth. Every bite was drool-worthy! Their very own bourbon sauce was so perfect, in fact I used it in the herb roasted chicken too! We wanted to order for another baby back ribs, too bad we’re so full already. That’s how we liked this dish! I’m telling you, it’s to die for!

Herb Roasted Chicken

I was a bit disappointed with the roasted chicken, I found it too dry. But you can taste the herbs in the chicken’s skin. As mentioned above, I even used the bourbon sauce for the chicken just to add some extra flavor. It was okay but I imagined the baby back ribs would have been a better choice. 🙂

Cyler woke up right after we finished the food. I guess, he gave us some perfect time! Thank you, sweetie! Overall, we had a perfect time for our family and for one another. Happy 2nd Wedding anniversary (again!), Hon! And more blissful years to come on our way!

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