I Have an Amazing Reader: Kemi

Who would’ve thought that this blog will inspire so many people around the world. It never came across my mind that this blog can touch someone’s heart. I started this blog for a reason – I want to document my child’s milestones and tell the whole-wide-world that God gave me the greatest family on earth! Honestly speaking, I’m not a good writer (well, that’s pretty obvious), I only use simple words to describe my feelings and share my family stories. To tell you frankly, when I started this blog I really don’t care if someone’s read my posts…. but that was before. I suddenly realized that I also have the amazing readers on earth who constantly read my posts. Oh yes, I have readers (hindi lang talaga halata!)! And I guess every readers deserves a special recognition because like them they also inspires me A LOT!

Last week, I received an email from my so-called “Reader”, her name is Kemi, a British African who lives in England (totyal!). I was on my way to work when I read her email, I felt giddy and almost cry, I’ve got mixed emotions. And my heart just melted down. Ang hirap pala magpigil ng luha pag nasa loob ka ng LRT! LOL!


Hi there,

How are you and your gorgeous family(I mean that), your family is indeed cute especially your lil boy.
Ok, let me do a quick intro of myself. My name is kemi, I have a lil one just like you but a girl called joanne, she’s 11months n extremely adorable. I live in England. My life is basically surrounded by my hubby n daughter and they mean the whole world to me. I am a christian and I love the Lord(*smile*).

My lil gal is going to be 1yr old in December and about 2weeks ago I started hunting for birthday party/theme ideas online, I was specifically looking for anything on ‘The Big Bugs Band’ as she loveeeeessss them, always dancing and clapping whenever they come on Babytv. And bang on, what did I see, your blog came on. Oh my dayzzzzz(Gulay! In your words…**to show you how much of an addict I am to your blog, I picked up words already lol).

I swear I did not make dinner that night for my hubby(no jokes!lol) as I was sooo glued to it..reading and admiring everything on there, escpecially cyler’s bday theme. I thought to myself, how could someone mirror my thoughts in such a perfect way and even top it with extra buzzing ideas. Hats off to u babes…**u sure rock**. Like you I’m jst a simple gal that’s ready to do the best for my family. Instantly u inspired me, I said to myself I need to step up my game as regards this bday coming cos I have been lazy about it.

I read everything on it and I was inspired by your genuineness. I loved the weekend spa with God that you wrote. It felt like you were talking to/about me, being close to God and worshipping in his presence is soooo refreshing but sometimes we just get carried away with the affairs of life and we forget to give him time(I’m very guilty of that). But thank God for his grace and mercy that is sufficient for us all.

My hubby is very adventurous with food so, Yes! I have stolen/borrowed some of your recipes..loll. I’m sure you don’t mind..*wink*.

You gave so much details of your suppliers that no one could go wrong contacting them. It was indeed helpful. I even contacted pixie pen to make loot bags and some other party favours(Bugs Band theme ofcos…**dancing**) for my lil gal. It will cost a fortune printing them here in th UK and besides they mostly print in large quantities, I only need 30pc each of all the items that caught my attention on their website. They welcome international client according to their website. I am indeed desperate and excited to get it done. I know my lil gal will be super excited on the day.

We are adopting most of your styles and ideas for cyler’s theme….e.g colouring book, cupcake toppers and ofcos d loot bag. Loll… I have been in contact with Mau since last week by email and phone and she was happy to do it for me, but unfortunately she got back to me today saying she was in the hospital(God grant her quick recovery) and might not be able to accommodate my orders(**sad face**). I am sooo gutted.

I was wondering if you knew any other cheap but good supplier that could do them for me. I will pay by western union and the goods can be shipped by Fedex to me. Her party is on the 15th of December(I know!, very little time).

I would indeed appreciate your efforts(**smile**). You sure have lovely restaurants in the Phillipines, your pictures make me hungry..loll..

Looking forward to reading more updates on your blog and also hearing from you. I do hope you get a chance to reply.

Best Regards,



Actually, it isn’t the first email that I received from my reader. Her email just melted my heart and made me realize that every reader deserves a special post. And so this time I decided to share it to everyone. Who would’ve thought that this blog will inspire people in the other side of the world?! I just am so speechless, delighted, and overwhelmed. Thank you so much, Kemi for all the kind words. I guess the word thank you is not enough to show how much I appreciate you. I guess you’re right, I have the gorgeous family but that doesn’t include me. Tee hee!

Thank you for constantly reading this blog and please go out on a dinner date with your hubby! My blog can wait, it’s just one click away btw! I know a lot of you have been inspired by my recipes and I’m head over heels for that! For me, my readers are the best cooks! Oh-my-gulay (yes, that’s the word! Btw, gulay is veggies in english)! It’s nice to know that I have an “avid” reader/follower who knows my BLOG by heart, and not just a random visitor who we’re just directed by google. You are such a big blessing to me, Kemi! If only we’re not world apart for sure I’ll definitely meet you in person and hug you!

I’m glad that I inspire you and your family in my own little ways. Who knows maybe someday we’ll meet in person! We never know, right?! Keep me posted about your daughter’s birthday, I’m so excited to see it! And oh, please teach me some British or African dishes! I’d love to try it too! Again, from the bottom of my heart thank you so much to my dear readers! And I love you all!

I may be the worst writer, but one thing is for sure I have an amazing and wonderful readers on earth who constantly reminding me to continue writing ,and who truly appreciates me and my family.

God Bless you all! And lets keep inspiring each another! *Cyber hugs*


And because of this email, it made me realize that I should create an email address just for my readers!
Here goes- email me at kikaymommysha@gmail.com! Look at the left side of this site, it’s there!

8 thoughts on “I Have an Amazing Reader: Kemi

  1. oh my gosh!!!…..***shy face***. You are absolutely amazing. Thank you for dedicating a post to me. I am honored, keep up the good work Sha. God bless you. xoxo

  2. Borrowing your words — Sha! Ang haba ng hair mo ah!!! =) You have awesome readers and friends Sha! And I can’t blame them. Your posts speak of how big your love is for your family… and for fashion =) Funny that today I wrote something to thank some friends who come visit us over at days. What a timing… =) keep the posts coming! =)

    • Hahaha! Thanks, Pepper! Oh dahan dahan sa paglalakad baka matapakan mo yung hair ko! Chos!

      Yes, I have an awesome friends, and you’re one them, Pepper! You are so kind to me and I’m just returning it back! 🙂

      I guess every reader deserves a special post because without them walang life ang blogging world, agree?! Itaas ang paa at iwagayway! LOL!

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